Exiting a sticky gay sex situation

If you are one of those people that, when asked: “Host or travel?” you travel, versus hosting (when you are hooking up with a guy to give you a guaranteed escape route), you’ve probably had a previous hookup rendezvous that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. When it comes to tricking, not every situation is going to go your way. Sometimes, things go awry and you’re going to need to know how to handle it. Here are some tools you can use to get out of / end a bad sexual experience right away.

Try to remain calm. When you’re in the middle of naked relations with someone and suddenly have the desire to leave, it’s best to try and be rational, calm, and collected. You’re going to want to keep your senses about you to navigate the best way out of there.

Be upfront and honest. You don’t need an entire elaborate reason as to why you need to stop and peace out. Just be polite and short by saying something like: “this isn’t working out for me” or “I think I need to get home.” He can’t get too upset if you are simply telling him the truth about the situation. And if he does, then he’s just being a douche.

If you feel backed into a corner, roll out the excuses red carpet and lay ‘em on him hard. Whatever you choose to bring up or whatever you can conjure at a moment’s notice. Be it “not feeling prepared” because you didn’t properly clean out, to the classic “I forgot to feed my cat,” utilized whatever reason—made up or honest—you can to exit out of the situation with as much ease as possible. Just avoid the whole: “It’s not you; it’s me” line.

Or, if you realize the honesty is the best policy crap ain’t gonna work with this one, nor is lying through your teeth, then the short and sweet goodbye might be the way to go. Keep your head down, avoiding eye contact. As quick as your gay self can, throw on your clothes and get out faster than a Jordan Peele flick. If he says anything while you’re in the process of ghosting him, try and either not answer him or delay your response time to give you enough to gather your gear and bounce.

If things get really ugly or even physical, whip that phone out and call 911. There’s no reason to end up a domestic abuse statistic if you can at all avoid it. No Dangerous Liaisons for you. Remaining rational throughout the process can help, but sometimes there is no avoiding a psycho’s tirade upon being dismissed. Just look at Daenerys from Game of Thrones to know you should get out of dodge if things start to go down. Don’t fight back, just go.

Finally, learn from your mistakes and move on. You’re exiting a gay sex situation for one reason or another. Don’t put yourself in these situations again. A great way to guarantee you never place yourself in this position in the future is to pre-screen your tricks and be upfront about your wants, needs, and desires before hooking up. When boundaries are set, it makes it easier to back out of a fling that isn’t what you thought it would be.

Have you had a really bad hook-up situation where you’ve had to exit quickly? Leave your tips and advice in the comments section below on how you exited your sticky gay sex situation.

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By Koelen Andrews

1 year ago

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