Trans woman tragically passes away after fatal shot to the head

A 21-year-old trans woman in Cleveland, Ohio, had died after a fatal blow to the head

A trans woman passed away yesterday (14 May) after a man allegedly shot her in the head just a month before in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 21-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries and was treated at University Hospitals but, just a day under a month later, she tragically died.

Authorities charged John Booth, 61, with felonious assault in connection with the shooting and issued a warrant for his arrest.

What happened?

According to, the shooting occurred at around 4am on Monday 15 April.

The woman was in the front yard of a home on East 147th Street, north of St. Clair Avenue in the city’s Collinwood neighborhood.

An argument allegedly broke inside the home between her mother and John Booth. The woman’s mother accused Booth of stealing her tax check, police reports say.

Moreover, argument heated up, and the 21-year-old woman confronted Booth, police reports say. Afterwards, she went outside and Booth proceeded to allegedly shoot her in the head.

However, just a day under exactly one month after the incident, the Cleveland, Ohio Remembrance Page reported her passing today (15 May).

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