People Are Body Shaming Jason Momoa Because the Internet Sucks

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Leave Aquaman alone!!

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Even though they kick all sorts of bad guy ass on screen, not even superheroes are immune from the desperate clutches of online trolls. 

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa—yes, the super-ripped, 6' 4" Greek God of a man—is getting body shamed by delusional online trolls because heaven forbid he gained a pound or two and his six-pack looks different while he's on vacation.

Jason Mamoa is getting body shamed on the internet today for this picture of him on vacation bc he’s “fat now” and has a “dad bod”... and I’m officially never taking my shirt off ever again as long as I live. Not even in the shower.

— Dusty Smith (@cultofdusty1) July 10, 2019

— Dusty Smith (@cultofdusty1) July 10, 2019

This is more proof that we literally can't have nice things in this world.

Luckily, most rational people were quick to call out the BS being hurled at Jason Momoa, who totally doesn't deserve to be shamed for his body (no one does).

Most women have had to put up with this BS for years. Let's NOT do this to men too. Nobody is better off as a result of constantly obsessing over 5 pounds. FFS this dude is in better shape than 99.9% of Americans.

— ANOMIC MA (@ChonkoDmo) July 10, 2019

I’m sorry I missed this but Jason Momoa is being body shamed for this? You people would be lucky to have this man spit in your mouth

— Jennifer C. Martin (@notreallyjcm) July 11, 2019

Can’t believe Jason Momoa is being body shamed! This is what a fit male who works out looks like. People’s minds are SO warped by CGI bods/how celeb bods *temporarily* look after they’ve been put through the wars in exchange for 7 figures Leave him alone, t’fuck. The jealousy!

— Melanie Murphy (@melaniietweets) July 11, 2019

Disrespecting Jason Momoa?

— Madison (@madsullyy) July 11, 2019

Folks are fat shaming Jason momoa? I’d be happy for this to be sweating on top of me.

— nikki_c_lane (@nikki_c_lane) July 11, 2019


— (@heyonlyamya) July 11, 2019

Can everyone just leave Aquaman alone?!? 


People Are Body Shaming Jason Momoa Because the Internet Sucks

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