Lesbian movie streaming service launched in the UK

A scene from the movie, Hetersexual Jill - one of those available via LesFlicks

LesFlicks, a new streaming service decidated to movies with a lesbian or bisexual focus, launched today.

LesFlicks began life back in March. It has organized film screenings and film club events around the UK. However, its aim has always been to also offer viewers a large selection of lesbian and female bisexual centred movies to watch wherever they want.

LesFlicks founder Naomi Bennett announced the launch of the streaming service today while attending lesbian arts festival, LFest at Bodafon Farm, Llandudno, Wales. The service will initially feature around 20 short films, webseries, documentaries and features.

LesFlicks: ‘Women loving women on screen’

‘Whilst I knew that this was an area where I could make a real impact, I’ve been bowled over by the momentum of interest and opportunities, and the number of films available,’ Bennett said in a statement.

‘The film clubs are providing an important social aspect and we are collecting great data to show that there is an audience for these films which hopefully will help lead to more funding in the future.

‘I’m looking forward to many more collaborations, partnerships and events as we continue to grow our reach and offering across the UK and into Europe.’

LesFlicks states it will promote films that ‘show women loving women on screen; have a central lesbian or bisexual storyline; or which have a strong lesbian or bisexual presence which shows these women in a positive light.’

A LesFlicks organized screening at LFest in Wales

A LesFlicks organized screening at LFest in Wales (Photo: Naomi Bennett/LesFlicks)

Bennett hope to be able to add more feature films to the list in the near future.

‘I’m hoping to add more films regularly,’ she told GSN. ‘In fact, I already have been sent additional films which will be phased into the platform. The more subscribers, the more films – so join, and tell your friends to join too!’

LesFlicks will also continue to organize film club events and screenings. After programming three days of screenings at LFest, it’s hoping to arrange a screening of JT LeRoy in Manchester over Pride at the end of August.

The explosion in streaming services

While there are other streaming services aimed at the LGBTI community, including Dekkoo, Revry and the recently launched Queer Bee, LesFlicks is the first to focus on lesbian and queer’s women’s content.

The biggest streaming service in the world remains Netflix, with an approximate 151million subscribers.

However, there are signs Netflix could have hit saturation in the US. It published its quarterly results this week, and revealed it had seen a slight drop in US subscribers – where it faces stiff competition from WarnerMedia, Disney and Apple.

Just this week, broadcasters BBC and ITV announced a collaboration to launch UK streaming service BritBox in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Netflix continues to pick up subscribers internationally, and is believed to be focusing energy on boosting content to attract subscribers in countries such as India – which remains a rapidly growing market.

The list of content now available to stream via LesFlicks is as follows.

  • Benzina (feature)
  • Heterosexual Jill (feature)
  • Butch Jamie (feature)
  • S&M Sally (feature)
  • As We Are (webseries)
  • Dyke Central (webseries)
  • A Little too Obtuse (music video)
  • Children Alike (short)
  • Counting (short)
  • Forbidden (short)
  • Holiday Helpdesk (short)
  • I Still Love You (short)
  • Maricruz (short)
  • Planet Love (short)
  • Shaping Scars (short)
  • Shelby’s Vacation (short)
  • Silience at LFEST (short)
  • The Visit (short)
  • The World Can Wait (short)
  • Why We Need a Pride (short)
  • Woman Power (short)
  • Life at Home (short)

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