Bobby Berk Blames ABC for Karamo Brown's Defense of Sean Spicer

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It would have been so easy not to cast him.

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Another member of the Fab Five has jumped into the drama surrounding Sean Spicer joining ABC’s Dancing With the Stars line-up.

Bobby Berk came to the defense of fellow Queer Eye guru Karamo Brown after he, for some reason, decided to speak positively of the former White House press secretary.

“As if being on @DancingABC with the stars wasn’t already one of the [most] grueling things anyone can put themselves through, celebrities now have to deal with the producers & casting planting political land mines to blow you up,” Berk tweeted.

“I’m very saddened by what my cast mate @Karamo is having to deal with today.”

Update: Bobby Berk has deleted ALL of his tweets defending Karamo Brown and calling out ABC.

— michael blackmon (@blackmon) August 23, 2019

Brown initially brought up Spicer’s addition to the cast seemingly unprompted, telling a red carpet reporter that he was “most excited to meet him. Because the thing is that people would look at us and think we’re polar opposites, but I’m a big believer that if you can talk to someone and meet in the middle, you can learn about each other and help each other both grow.”

Queer Eye's culture expert wrapped up his comments by calling Spicer a “good guy. A really sweet guy.”

People on Twitter immediately jumped at the apparent endorsement, slamming Brown for helping ABC normalize the idea that Spicer is a star who should be celebrated, rather than a guy who purposely and chronically deceived taxpayers during his time as press secretary for President Trump.

Brown blocked a number of people who questioned his remarks, including LGBTQ activists and celebrities, and ultimately deactivated his Twitter over the debacle.

But Berk insisted Karamo’s public statements about Spicer were a result of media training, in which on-camera talent is taught never to say anything bad about other people on a show, lest it cause unnecessary drama.

Although he defended his friend, Berk had nothing nice to say about ABC adding Spicer to the show to begin with.

“It’s frankly a really [shitty] situation to be put in and @ABCNetwork should be ashamed of themselves for having put the cast in the position to take a political side on a fucking dance competition,” he wrote.

“Shame on you ABC for now making this beloved show political by casting one of the biggest liars who has ever been. It’s called ‘Dancing with the STARS’ and the fact that you’re calling him a star is disgusting.”

Berk has since deleted all of these tweets.


Bobby Berk Blames ABC for Karamo Brown's Defense of Sean Spicer

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