Gay Gardens: A Visit to Hortlandia

by PQ Staff
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By Dan Lynch

This isn’t a regularly scheduled column, but wanted to put out a quick reminder and promo for the biggest Portland garden show of the year, Hortlandia. The annual event is wrapping up today, after a weekend at the Portland Expo Center. Mark your calendar for next year, if you missed the 2018 show. It’s the best place in the city of Portland to see all of the region’s best plant vendors under a single roof. It’s free if you take the MAX and $8 if you park.

Also, this is just a great excuse to post photos from yesterday! 

If I had more sun, this would go home with me.

Not from Hortlandia, but there are plenty of vendors with this for sale.

Look forward to a full succulents on the patio column later this summer.


#sedumchicks are here live with awesome hanging patio art. #hortlandia

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Sedum Chicks have some great options for patio art in sunny spots.


Amazing display lupine. #hortlandia

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Now, this is a lupine!


#hortlandia haul. Sarracenia 'Scarlette Belle'

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Pitcher plants for the patio. Carniflora PDX was in the house! Column coming this summer!


#hortlandia haul. Darlingtonia californica.

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Cobra lilies, a shade-loving meat eater.


#hortlandia haul. Podophyllum pleianthum x delavayi hybrid.

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A weird Chinese mayapple hybrid.


#hortlandia haul. Aloe 'Pink Blush.'

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Aloes work for anyone with a sunny window. Just don’t water much!

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