Summer Grilling Tips

Courtesy of Grocery Outlet, your Bargain Market

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Just in time for the August 16th grand opening of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Woodland 1325 Lewis River Rd., Woodland, WA  98674, here are some tips to make any grilling party a success.


1.) Setting up the Grill – Divide the grill into two sides: one side with coals and the other side without.  Doing so will forms two areas of cooking – direct and indirect grilling.  Slow cooked meats like ribs and chicken cook on indirect heat while hamburgers and sausages cook on direct heat. Steak start over indirect heat and end on direct heat for searing. 


2.)  Flip It Only Once – A perfectly cooked steak or burger needs only one flip. Flipping your meat several times actually prolongs the cooking process because it keeps the food from making direct contact with the heat.  TO TEST:  Pick up the meat with a pair of tongs.  If it is sticking to the grill, it needs more time to cook.


3.) Grilled Fruits - Fruits develop a nice caramelized exterior over direct heat. Peaches and pineapples, for example, are great for grilling.  Sprinkle fruits with little bit of salt for a salty/sweet taste. 


4.) Veggies – Grill vegetables on a skewer or cut them the long way so they won’t slip through the grill.  For extra flavor, coat veggies with a favorite marinade.  Grill for 15 to 20 minutes over direct heat until tender. 

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market carries fresh meats and produce as well as name brand grocery items at 40 to 70 percent off compared to conventional stores – making any grilling get together affordable. And don't forget their amazing selection of wines!