Michael James Schneider and his boyfriend-he-made-out-of-boxes-of-wine request your presence

for their Wedding, with a reception immediately after the ceremony...

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Benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, Michael James Schneider and his boyfriend-he-made-out-of-boxes-of-wine request your presence at 5:30 on Saturday, February 9th in downtown Portland’s Hi-Lo Hotel, for the Wedding of Box Wine Boyfriend, with a reception immediately after the ceremony (7:00pm), with food & drink, photo booths and appearances from newsworthy LGBTQ+ performers.

In 2018, writer and contemporary artist Michael James Schneider made a “boyfriend” using boxes from wine he self-medicated on after a rough breakup. The original photo series and then, 6 months later, news of their engagement went viral, and was featured in Huffington Post, VICE, Buzzfeed, The Oregonian, Out Magazine and the Today Show, among numerous news outlets. Presented on social media, Mike’s relationship with “Franz,” his Box Wine Boyfriend, performs grief for what an ended relationship could have been while satirizing the visual language of influencer culture. When Franz “proposed” to Michael this summer, that photo series made it to news outlets including Mashable, VICE, The Takeout and Portland Monthly. This wedding, the penultimate conclusion of their series, realizes and mocks “the slippery slope” argument from homophobic political language that kept people including Schneider from marrying their partners until 2015 — “if two men can get married, what’s to stop someone from marrying a person made of trash?”

All proceeds of ticket and wine sales benefit the ACLU of Oregon, with donations from sponsors including the Hi-Lo Hotel, Adornment Events, House Wine and THE BLACK TUX.   

Wedding guests will witness an officiation ceremony from beloved local drag icon Bolivia Carmichaels and meet Franz’s parents, “Bud and Rose.” Reception guests will enjoy food and drinks from the HiLo Hotel, Cabot Cheese, Hungry Hero Desserts, and House Wine. In addition to a photo booth with Franz and tarot readings from custom decks designed by Jen Van Horn, wedding and reception guests will see a performance from White Lotus Lion and Dragon Dance company, and performances and appearances from some of Portland and the internet’s favorite LGBTQ+ performers, including:

Pepper Pepper

Bolivia Carmichaels

LuLu Luscious

Sparkle Lynn More

NaeNae Dominatrix

Clare Apparently


Over the course of the evening, wedding and reception guests will be invited to participate in any of 8 planned staged photos with Michael and Franz.

Photographers and assists of the original photo series include Niscelle Ward, Cole Keister, Noah Fecks, Conor Isetts, Jason Sayles, Nick Fauble, Andrew Jankowski, Matt Eyman, Casey Baker, Michael Wheeler, Summer Olsson, Kristin Eaton, Eric Wimberly, Allison Tivnon, Jeff Desautels, Anton Filipchuk, Shawn Molden, and Jeff Woodcox.

Michael James Schneider is a self-taught photographer, content creator, and writer. He left his day job in 2012 to take a year-long artistic sabbatical to create and develop his artistic voice, and during that time he wrote and self-published his first novel, designed the set for the west coast premiere of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, and interior-decorated his apartment which was featured on Apartment Therapy. He is of the strong conviction that everyone has an artistic vision inside them which only needs encouragement and experience.

  • Kaj-anne Pepper AKA Pepper Pepper is a multidisciplinary artist who works in performance, video, drag, installation, theatre and dance. "So Spice They Named Her Twice!" Kaj-anne's drag persona "Pepper Pepper" is a humorous yet thoughtful gender-bending MC and entertainer. Together they explore vulnerability, artifice and identity while turning tragic into magic and trauma into drama. Pepper has premiered hybridized dance/theatre work at RISK/REWARD, DANCE+ The Headwater’s Theatre, PICA’s T:BA festival, Performance Works Northwest, and internationally at OFF! Biennale Budapest. Pepper has exhibited 2d, 3d and installation work at Linfield College and at The Budapest Art Fair. Pepper has been fortunate to have been an artist in residence at: The Macdowell Colony, Caldera Arts, Space Gallery Maine, Signal Fire, The Lucky Penny Workroom Atlanta, Pelican Bomb New Orleans, New Expressive Works Residency, CON/VERGE at PonderosaTanz and PICA's Creative Exchange Lab.
  • Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Bolivia Carmichaels was created on a whim in 1995. Bolivia has performed at Darcelle XV Showplace and Embers Avenue, is an emcee/host at C.C. Slaughters, hosted a weekly show on Wild Planet Radio, the United States’ first terrestrial LGBTQ+ radio station, and is the life of the party every week, Wednesday through Sunday. Bolivia’s titles including La Femme Magnifique, Entertainer of the Year and Dorky Dora.
  • Nae Nae Dominatrix is the drag persona of former American Idol contestant Atlas Marshall. She has performed alongside RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni and hosts drag, karaoke and brunch shows throughout Portland.
  • White Lotus Lion and Dragon Dance Company have staged traditional Chinese lion and dragon dance performances throughout the Pacific Northwest, and seen at performances including Portland Trailblazers, Portland Gay Men’s Chorus and KPTV’s Good Morning Oregon.