Katrina Kay and the Art of Women

Local Artist Celebrates Her Artwork with Upcoming Gallery Installation

by PQ Staff
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By Domina Alexandra

Art can mean a lot of things for different individuals. Local artist Katrina Kay, paints using soft pastels, watercolors, and other mixed media. Her art creates unique and expressive portraits of women. As a Lesbian in our community, Katrina Kay gives a deeper meaning to the truth of inner selves. That it is natural to feel pain, confusion, and frustrations of discovering ourselves. She has an upcoming art show taking place in Vancouver, WA this month. 

Katrina Kay stated, “My art is an inner mentality of what I experience as a woman.”

I took the opportunity to speak with Katrina Kay—the woman who can create more than an image. A message:

Domina Alexandra: Why art?

Katrina Kay: I was always a doodler. But I started to get serious about art as a way to connect with my absent father. He has always been a great tattoo artist. Eventually my passion morphed into something that I do for myself. It became my outlet, my self-expression, my own visual journal. I want to share creative countenance with everyone.

DA: What does your upcoming art show mean to you? What is its purpose?

KK: My upcoming art show will present my most recent series, called “Visual Introspection”. The series embodies some of the real deep down feelings of a human being. The ones we might be reluctant to show. I used my own inner-most feelings as inspiration. I touched upon depression, anxiety, longing, loss, hope, inner-strength, and a few more of the other vast emotions that we are capable of. I want others to look at my art and think either “what message is she trying to convey?” or “wow, I’m not the only one.” My art has evolved to more than a personal outlet; I want it to resonate with others.

DA: What type of art do you do?

KK: I create expressive, borderline fantasy, portraits of women using various mixed media tools and techniques.

DA: What’s integral to the work of an artist?

KK: Every artist has their own process and tools that are vital for their creative work. For me, I do my best work when I have significantly bright lighting and a good playlist. I find it beneficial to take the time to create a new playlist for every piece that I do. It helps me stay focused and in the right “mood” for the current piece. I also need the right tools – quality paper, pastels and paints make all the difference.

DA: What has been an influential experience?

KK: How about my favorite quote instead? “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” -Henry Ward Beecher.

DA: What’s your favorite artwork?

KK: I saw “Mischief and Repose” by John William Godward in a museum when I was a kid. I suppose this was the earliest sign that I might be gay. It is a lovely classical piece of two women in sheer dresses.

In talking to Katrina Kay, it was rewarding getting deeper into her mind. Hopefully, It will make seeing her art show more compelling for viewers.

Katrina Kay will be hosting an art show at Dark Star Tattoo and Art Gallery in Vancouver, Wa, on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 4p to 8p. Her original work will be displayed and available for purchase. Small-scale prints will also be available to purchase. Even for an hour, if you are near the show, I recommend checking out Katrina Kay’s art.


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