UPDATE: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Protest Ordinance Fails

By Carlos Zeta

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By Carlos Zeta

The Portland City Council morning sessions’ Agenda Item 1173, which sought to authorize the Police Commissioner and Mayor, Ted Wheeler, the authority to order what it described as “content-neutral time, place and manner regulations for demonstrations” failed today in a 2-3 vote.

Commissioner Saltzman and Mayor Wheeler both voted for the ordinance, with commissioners Chloe Eudaly, Amanda Fritz, and Nick Fish voting nay; Commissioner Nick Fish was considered to be the swing vote on this issue.

With Nick Fish leaving his seat at the end of 2018 to Commissioner-Elect Jo Ann Hardesty, who was a vocal opponent of the protest ordinance and a consistent advocate for stronger police accountability in the City of Portland, Mayor Wheeler, and newcomer Police Chief Danielle Outlaw will need to re-evaluate how they plan to address protest violence in the upcoming years.