Testify Gets a New Home

Just in Time for Easter

by Sebastian Fortino
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If you’ve been missing Testify, good news: Alexis Campbell Starr has been on hiatus, finding a new venue. The much-loved Sunday gospel drag brunch is coming back, to a new home. As of Sunday, April 1st the show is back but this time at CC Slaughter’s. That’s right! Testify relaunches on Easter Sunday.

Can I get a hallelujah?

“The event has been growing and we just thought it was time to find a new, bigger venue. Ownership of Stag changed in January, but we never had a formal meeting. He wanted to go a different direction as far as brunches, he wanted to do things other than Testify. It was a perfect time to take Testify somewhere else. Stag wanted to start a new drag brunch with a couple new girls so, it worked out perfectly,” Campbell Starr told Proud Queer.  

In the gay community, word-of-mouth is sometimes still the best way to do things. One of the bartenders at CC Slaughter’s overheard Campbell Starr mention she was looking for a new home for Testify.

“The bartender was very helpful. He threw the idea to management, and they were receptive. Next thing you know, we decided on Easter Sunday,” she said. “It’s been strange, people have been wondering where Testify went. It’s exciting, and it’ll be fabulous, but building up to it a change can be challenging.”

Campbell Starr owns the rights to the Testify name, and it was with Stag since the very beginning. Prior to Testify, Stag did a weekend brunch in the summer. The new owners, according to Campbell Starr, are going to have a Sunday brunch with a format different from Testify.

“We figured out the name Testify, it was regular attendance for a while but then if you weren’t there by 11:15 or 11:30 you couldn’t get a seat. We were packed by noon. With CC’s bieng such a bigger venue we can get the seating, and a larger food menu that we’re preparing now. So it’s an exciting change,” she said.

For the first show at CC’s, Campbell Starr has nine different guest performers for Easter. With the three normal cast members that means a dozen girls will be performing on Sunday. An added bonus, the resident performers of CC’s Pre-Pump Fridays and Superstars Sundays are going to entertain as well. Don’t expect all gospel performances, even if it is Easter.

“A lot of the girls asked if I prefered they do gospel,” said Campbell Jones. “But that’s what I love, if you don’t do gospel I leave that up to them. For Easter, I will be doing more gospel but you’ll of course get other things. You get all the fun stuff with the Jesus.”

Visit CC Slaughter's PDX and the Testify Facebook page for more information. As usual, be prepared to get there early! And, Happy Easter to our friends who celebrate.