Collide-O-Scope Pride Edition at the Hollywood Theatre

Kick Off Pride Month 2018

by Sebastian Fortino
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From the Hollywood Theatre website: 

Seattle's infamous night of oddball video, movies, music, mash-ups, and more returns to Portland with one of its most popular shows! The Collide-O-Scope Pride Edition turns it out with nimbly edited montages of panty-searing video gold loaded with huge laughs, WTF wonderment, weird history, awesome jams, and a little pathos – all punctuated by periodic PRIZE GIVEAWAYS! Come and join us for a gay old night of non-stop entertainment for one and all, no matter who y'are or who y'love! 

“Half video art installation and half stoner gawkfest!” -
David Schmader, The Stranger

It’s Pride Month, and we know what that means! Lots of events celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride will be popping up all over the place. On Monday, June 4th, Shane Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson, partners in business and in life, bring Collide-O-Scope back to the Hollywood Theatre from its home in Seattle. Wahlund and Anderson have been presenting the show publicly for eight years now. He kindly took the time to speak to PQ about the show.


ProudQueer: So what sort of inspired the format?

Shane Wahlund: The formt was taking what we liked to do for entertaining into a public setting. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, when we had company, people knew we were kinda video nerds. We met doing local theatre at the Annex Theatre in Seattle. So, when we’d entertain we’d formulate a program ahead of time. It was all pretty rudimentary in those days. In stemmed from wanting to do it with friends then into a public setting because our freinds liked it enough we thought we should dhare it.


PQ: Of course, I have to ask: were you influenced by “Mystery Science Theatre 3K?”

SW: We’re fans of them. How much directly influenced is porbably limited. You could say that sense of humor is up our alleys. A slightly more direct influence would be Negativland. Theyre pioneers in media mixing or media jamming. They’re musicans and expert noise artists, pioneers in that realm really.


PQ: Is this your first Pride presentation?

SW: We do our show in Seattle twice a month. We do a Pride show once a year. We tend not to build too much around our shows, except for Christmas, Halloween, and Pride. Our frist time bringing it to Portland was last year when we toured the West Coast last summer. In fact, Portland was definately was the best stop out of everything. The Hollywood Theatre was lovely venue and both the theatre and the audience was veryreceptive. We felt very pampered and loved, We hope to get an audience for the Pride Show this year. The audience was 100% game. It was really fun to bring the show there.


PQ: How involved are you two as presenters?

SW: As far as show itself goes we host it but try to say as little as possible about what we viewed last and what we’ll few first or next. We try not to couch in too much context because people are smart. What I mean by people answering their own questions is most of our audience are film fans, and all very media savvy. They can probably answer questions on their own.


PQ: What is the format like?

SW: Show is divided up into maybe eight to 10 segments, or maybe six to eight. I get up and emcee, Mike stays at the computer. We do interact. It’s very low-key, it’s not super presentational. We try to keep it on a very casual scale.


PQ: What are you sort of focusing on for Pride?

SW: We have the content pretty much prepared. Now, we’ll spend the next few days editing it and whittling it down. I wouldn’t say a real focus other than to entertain and make people laugh. Our shows are always about taking a look at the broadest spectrum of culture that comes out on video. The Pride show is very much like other shows in that it takes a look at the funny, the problematic, and everything in between. We hope to entertain and make people laugh, with a little bit of pathos. Hopefully it’s going to be fun.


As of the publication of this article there were still tickets available through the Hollywood Theatre’s website. The show takes place at 7:30 PM and General Admission tickets are $9 so, come and get your Pride Month started.


Sebastian Fortino