A brief update on Q Patrol

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In the wake of another hate crime against our community — again, downtown in the entertainment district — thoughts and questions have in part turned to Q Patrol. And, frankly, concerns are mounting as we head into warmer months and events (Rose Festival) that sometimes attract troublemakers to our streets. PQ had the chance to talk to Q Center about its plans for a newer, revamped Q Patrol — part of a larger effort to minimize violence against LGBTQ citizens. Q Center’s Logan Lynn explains, “The plan for year three of Q Center’s concentrated anti-violence project (QAVP) is to refocus on the original plan, which was in three parts: education, advocacy, and foot patrols. These pieces were intended to be self-reinforcing efforts at improving community safety. “The way this works: people walking foot patrols are also educating the community, and providing visibility and reporting services. And this year we’re going to be beefing up the public education and visibility component in order to educate the broader community on safety concerns. Also, through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, we’ve been assigned a PSU intern to head up the project. The benefit: we’ll have more person power/hours to dedicate than ever before.†In an effort to make patrols most effective, Lynn explains how Q Center will approach the patrols’ sustainability, noting the usual loss of momentum as time between attacks grows longer: “The current plan for making foot patrols more sustainable is to pick long weekends and historically dangerous event times (Rose Festival, Pride, etc.) and staff the foot patrol more intensively than in previous years. “If we have additional volunteer interest, we will fill in more weekends as people become available. The days of us being out on the streets until the bars close every weekend from May until October are, for now, morphing into this new model. Our intern will also be working on developing education and advocacy and coordinating the Q Patrol. We’ll also have a component of community/business engagement to take the education out further than just our fold.†The QAVP committee meets once a month on the last Monday at Q Center. Foot patrol trainings are scheduled to begin in May. For more information or to volunteer, call 503-234-7837.

-Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly