"Angry Queers" Email: Mars Hill is Anti-Gay, Q Center Doesn't Represent Us

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By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly
The "angry queers" who claimed responsibility for the vandalizing Mars Hill Church in SE Portland early this morning said that the church is anti-gay and anti-woman, and that Q Center's recent attempts at dialogue with the church don't represent them or their needs, according to an email sent to FOX12 Oregon. PQ Monthly has reached out to both the Q Center and Mars Hill Portland for response to the email. Logan Lynn, public relations/innovations manager for Q Center, confirmed that he had seen the email. He had no comment on its content, but mentioned that he had spent the afternoon at the church sweeping up glass with Rev. Meckley. Mars Hill Pastor Tim Smith has not yet responded to a request for comment. The church's press release refers to the vandals as members of a "gay rights group." This is the email, as sent to PQ by FOX12:
USER PROFILE INFORMATION Email Address: angryqueers@mailinator.com Zip Code: 97214 First Name: Angry Last Name: Queers FORM QUESTIONS Message:: in the morning of April 24th, angry queers smashed out the windows of Mars Hill Church in Southeast Portland. Mars Hill is anti-gay anti-woman. Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill's head pastor, said that women  be subservient to their husbands and gay people are a cancer. This action was taken in memory of Mark Aguhar, a trans femme of color artist from Chicago who killed herself a month ago. We also hold in our hearts Paige Clay, a transwoman of color who was found murdered in Chicago on April 16th; all other trans women who have been murdered by this cissexist, femmephobic, racist, transmisogynistic society. Children who are forced to attend Mars Hill are indoctrinated in hateful dogma that teaches them their natural desires are an abomination that will damn them to hell. Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign does nothing in the here and now for queer kids trapped in abusive home or religious settings. And it never got better for Mark, Duanna, Paige, Agnes, Deoni, or the countless other trans women who are regularly murdered. When Mars Hill moved to town, "representatives" of the queer community from the Q Center met with officials from the church in order to have dialog. What we have to say to the Q Center is this: FUCK YOU, you don't represent us. You prioritize social peace and the bourgeois aspirations of rich white cis gay people over the more pressing survival needs of more marginalized queers. he only dialog we need with scum like Mars Hill is hammers through their windows.
For community reactions to the incident, read our earlier coverage of the vandalism. PQ has contacted the Portland Police Bureau for additional information, but is still awaiting reply. We will continue to follow this story as it develops. The opinions expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the views of the post’s author or of PQ Monthly.