April 2012 Issue

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  Cheers to your health! To misquote Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a queer healthy, wealthy, and wise.†Alright, Ben, the whole “early†thing doesn't work for a lot of us -- and let's not even get started on the idea of getting wealthy in this economy, regardless of what time we lay our pretty heads down to rest. Much of this issue looks at ways we can all increase our wellness, be it by finding a queer-competent doctor, learning empowering self-defense techniques, paddling down the Willamette with the gals, playing with balls with the boys, or embracing ourselves for who we are and how we look. (Hey, good ol' Ben was bald and pudgy, and he did all right for himself, both professionally and with the ladies.) So, what is wellness to you and how do you seek/achieve/maintain it? What barriers do you face in reaching your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual peak? Chime in at PQMonthly.com, on our Facebook page, or by sending us a letter to the editor at info@pqmonthly.com. We'd really love to hear from you! -The PQ Monthly Team  

Cover Story

From Water to Mississippi to Salem: The journey (so far) of Kendall Clawson  

News & Community

Brevity rocks! News from near and far A brief update on Q Patrol Portland's next top politician: The three mayoral frontrunners talk to you, PQ readers On Cameron Whitten
From balls to paddles and back to balls — it’s a big, gay, sporty spring
The doctor is out: Wendy and Carol Blenning work together to advocate for LGBTQ health Seven Star Acupuncture and Apothecary emphasizes accessible healing  

Arts & Culture

Arts Briefs QDOC holds a mirror up to the queer community Bloom in style: Four fashion trendsetters give tips on how you can spring forward Dinah digest: Girls just wanna get some! 'Trannysnatchers' promises bizarre, offensive good time Lights! No camera! Action! What's happening in local queer theater All 'lit' up: Alison Bechdel and Charles Rice-González read from new works  


What a Riot! by Wyatt Riot Latebian Life, by Kathryn Martini The Lady Chronicles, by Daniel Borgen Rain City, by Nick Mattos Cultivating Life, by LeAnn Locher Purple Elbows, by Richard Jones Eat, Drink, and Be Mary, by Brock Daniels  

The Fun Stuff

This Month in Queer History Whiskey & Sympathy, by Sophia St. James and Gula Delgatto Astroscopes with Miss Renee End Up Tales Query a Queer