Astroscopes: April/May 2012

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Hallelujah! Your ruler, Mars, is officially moving forward again. With freedom- and revolution-loving Uranus in harmony with your Sun, you couldn't sit still if you tried, Speed Racer. Hopefully you utilized the three months of retrograde wisely by re-evaluating, reworking, and fine tuning your initial plans. Ready, Steady, GO!!!!!  


New Moon in Taurus on the 21st gives the already ridiculously blessed Bulls even greater opportunity to magnetize exactly what's needed. With the "engine" planet, Mars, now in forward motion as of the 14th providing impetus, creating a new moon ritual is akin to Set It And Forget It. Get witchy: Manifest!!  


Juicy news! Flirty Venus is fluttering her way through Gemini for the next FOUR months! Saturn lends the usually fickle Gemini Venus stability, a desire to pick a course (or a lover), and follow-through. Ground your artistic pursuits. What do you value? Who do you value? Why? Think long term.  


North node (a "soul's aspiration" astro point) in restless/adventurous Sagittarius is motivating and irritating you. Trying to go past your comfort zone may be leading to fear-based erratic behavior. You're really not a lunatic. (I'll vouch!) You just need to slow down, acknowledge fear, and work through it.  


Leos, the Kings and Queens of the zodiac, love to be acknowledged and obeyed! Mars, the "engine" planet is finally back to forward movement, readily doing your bidding on the side projects discovered while pouting through the exacting retrograde over the last three months. Time to shine, your Majesty.  


I hope you ate your Wheaties, honey, cuz "Action Jackson" Mars is now in forward motion in your sign after three frustrating months of retrograde. Luckily chatty Venus in Gemini is gifting you fruitful collaborators out of the woodwork! Venus equals what you value, so exercise that famous Virgo pickiness.  


You've my express permission to flirt, be frivolous, and to take a vacation from all the heavy responsibilities you've been shouldering for months. It's had its place, but your ruler Venus moved into Gemini, and is all about variety. Taste as many flavors as you want, honey. I'll never tell. ;)  


Scorpio's key phrase: “I desire.†Taurus' key phrase: “I manifest.†The new moon in Taurus April 21st is the PERFECT time for you to dig deep and uncover your deepest desire. Then make a moon ritual to draw it down. Careful what you ask for doll, yo mojo is strawwwng.  


Oh the frustration of striving without being rewarded the satisfaction of attainment! Sags are deeply independent, but sometimes you gotta come down from the mountaintop and be with the people. Venus opposing you in A.D.D.-ish Gemini says maybe it’s time for a new mantra: "Om variety. Om chitchat. Om network."  


Cappies like the real deal. A full meal. But don’t underestimate the value of a snack. Your ruler, Saturn is still retrograde ‘til June, so the full picture ain’t so full just yet. New Moon in "I manifest" Taurus can bring you the perfect yummy you need to tide you over.  


Mars retrograde's been harshin' your mellow, but with it moving forward again, so can you! Um ... as soon as you figure out where exactly that is! Never fear, Venus in harmony with your Sun in variety-oriented Gemini will help you taste the rainbow ‘til you figure it out. Mmm, candy.  


Mars retrograde opposing you for three months may have left you with vague frustrations, odd roadblocks, and a gargantuan bar tab. Now that Mars is moving forward again, the thorn in your side may come into focus. Channel your anger into a resolution and give your poor liver a break, hon.  
Miss Renee (aka Tarot Chick) is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 19 years based out of NE Portland. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: