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Girls just wanna get some!

By Sunny Clark, PQ Monthly
  Palm Springs has a lot to boast about, including acres of new luster laid with old money, but when the women of the world take over for the annual Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, the once golf-driven desert oasis has bragging rights on lovely ladies having the time of their lives. When asked what brought them, the typical answer, by a landslide, was, “Hot women!†None were disappointed by the store of eye candy. Women like Tenga Schieber, currently of Atlanta, Ga., arrived eager to ride the wave. “I've always gone to Aqua Girl in Miami,†Shieber said. “Everybody there tells me to go to the Dinah Shore Weekend, too, because it's even bigger and better.†Tanya Glober of Pasedena, Calif., on her third pilgrimage to the lotus land of lesbian events, had high praise for the entertainment, but especially reveled in the packed pool parties teeming with “gorgeous girls.†Beautiful weather and even more beautiful women made a splash during three all-day pool parties and at the Celebrity Dodge Ball Game hosted by Sirius XM Radio, all held at the Riviera Resort & Spa. Hotel staff were the epitome of hospitality during what must have been a grueling weekend for them. Australian Majella Feehely, was a “Dinah virgin,†attending her first Dinah. Feehely enjoyed the crowd, remarking, “Usually it's a young crowd when I go out back home, so I felt comfortable here among all the young girls, and met lots of people. ... I find everyone really friendly and approachable.†Yet another Aussie traveler, Leigh Mitt, happened along as we spoke, adding that she wanted “to come to the biggest lesbian party in the world.†“Dinah covers all bases,†she added. “I was cracking up at the comedy show. I'm having a fucking amazing time!†Red carpet walks and photo ops showcased a host of celebrities like Tucky Williams, star of the hit web series, “Girl/Girl Scene,†and the charming Meredith Baxter, of “Family Ties†fame, who read from her book, “Untied,†and submitted to a Q and A for appreciative fans. The cast of Showtime's unscripted series, “The Real L Word,†introduced their new cast members, the foxy foursome who comprise hot Toronto rockers Hunter Valentine. From the Wednesday meet-and-greet to the Sunday closing party at Zelda's Nightclub, the Dinah soared. Game go-goes gyrated day and night for the thonged throng, complementing an impressive line-up that had Club Skirts twirling to CeCe Peniston, Dev, Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta, rising stars Rye Rye, Neon Hitch, Meital, Porcelain Black, Wynter Gordon, Nina Sky, BC Jean, Daniela Brooker, and the legendary voice of headliner Chaka Kahn. Some of the hottest DJ's around, including Lezlee, Von Kiss, Amara, Lisa Pittman, and one talented token boy, the popular Kidd Sysco, kept the party popping and the booties boppin' non-stop. Sleep must be a straight guy, because there's little of that at the Dinah. The parties and after-parties go on and on, as do the friendships forged, according to many Dinah divas, including Rose García, star of “The Real L Word,†who enthused, “I had a great time and made so many friends. It just gets bigger and better every year. This year was the best yet. I can't wait for my 14th Dinah.†Defense contractor Trish was also impressed by “the eclectic group of women I met and the networking,†and by how “accessible and down to earth†various celebrities were in conversations. “It also felt great to be among thousands of lesbians and to feel that, as a femme lesbian, I was totally accepted, unlike in southern Louisiana,†she added. “This is the largest lesbian event in the world. ... It's everything you can imagine in five days,†executive producer Mariah Hanson proclaimed on her 2012 promo video for the event. Hanson's determination, and her sense of sport, are evident. “My goal is to try and become all things to all people, which I know is impossible, but I like a challenge, so I'm going for it,†she said. And go for it she did, aided by an amazing staff of characters, like Jillian Nye, who donned a delicious new costume each day, and Katrina Maksimuk, whose smile was always at the ready. Hanson was rewarded for her 22 years of successful event management by being named Honorary Deputy Mayor of Palm Springs by Mayor pro tem Ginny Foat. The Dinah was dazzling and delicious and looks to continue riotously on for as long as girls just wanna have fun.