First Madonna, Now Courtney Love: Saturday Newness Is Upon Us!

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Or, "Courtney Love-influenced." (See below.) Who better to go head-to-head with a certain enduring Blow-ing Behemoth than the kids behind Genderf**king Takeover? (Those asterisks are theirs, not ours!) This Saturday, Ella Street Social Club will host GFTO's (see above!) newest party--one that promises to be "an amazing alternative to the usual Saturday mess." Oh snap. Alternative, yes--and there'll be no lack of debauchery and dancing. The theme: Barbie Doll parts. (Use your imagination.) We can't even keep track of the dizzying number of creatives involved in this thing: Carla Rossi (host!), Samuel Thomas (co-mastermind!), DJs like Bruce LaBruiser and Kasio Smashio, Melody Awesomazing (designer!), Wayne Bund (photos!). Whew. There's more, but we're running out of space and we need to get down to business. From ST (hint: initials), a smattering of the bounty that awaits you: "Last month we kicked off a new style of party for Portland--we wanted to do something fresh, to shake up the monthly parties, so we decided on a monthly party with rotating venues--with different themes each month. Last month was the Madonna party at Red Cap--which was a massive success--so now we're going BARBIEDOLL/parts at Ella Street Social Club. This month we've allowed people to interpret the party as they will, but obviously there'll be a huge Courtney Love influence." From ST (hint: see above), on Carla Rossi: "Carla is one of the most original drag performers to come out of Portland in a long time. I first met her when I was helping ChiChi and Chonga--she came out of left field as part of the Tampon Troupe. We were all part of that new/monster drag revival that was taking place. Carla is a performance artist above everything else--the dynamic and effort put into everything from hosting to performing to just showing up at a party, it's unbelievable how much work goes into it and she just makes it seem effortless. Last year, I asked if she was interested in being a host for a GFTO event and the rest is history." It certainly is, isn't it? From what we've heard, each month the group plans to snag the best local DJs and performers--all to offer up new, innovative ways to throw a party. Barbie Doll parts certainly seems to meet that requirement. Trust us--and swing by and see for yourself. The party starts at 9 sharp and is a mere $3! Ella Street is located at 714 SW 20th Place.