"Glee" Upends One Gentleman's College Plans! (Or: This Week in Huh?)

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By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
Yes, yes, we know, Glee has been completely narrative-less for quite some time--maybe forever. But there are still plenty of delightful morsels that make tuning in week in and week out worth your while. (Or said morsels at least make catching up with Glee online worthwhile?) (For the record, I believe I am the lone PQ staffer who feels this way. Anyway.) And, to support my assertion, the offering proofs: the entire Whitney tribute episode that aired this week (did you catch the locker shrine?--I totally had that in high school), this performance in particular, and this epic duel of dreamy from awhile back, even though I'm totally over that damn song. (We'd watch Darren Criss sing words from toilet tissue packaging.) And don't forget the kids' version of "So Emotional." OK, sidetrack city--back to the point at hand. According to The Advocate, a young man in South Carolina alleges he was barred from graduating because he was caught watching Glee off-campus. His college? Bob Jones University. Oh snap! (Why are you enrolled there, dear homo?) While a variety of minute college infractions seem to have culminated in his dismissal, Chris Peterman--the gentleman in question--believes "believes the final straw was when a fellow student saw him watching Glee on his computer while at a Starbucks." You can read his laundry list of "crimes" here. Among them: he didn't shave often enough. The only thing worth an expulsion, really, would have been this week's exchange between Blaine and Kurt. "It's Not Right But It's Okay" and "I Have Nothing," respectively. OK, I need to stop. I am pretty sure Erin Rook is going to revoke my blogging privileges if I don't. Daniel promises he does, sometimes, have good taste in the musics.