Hot On Your Wall: Big Freedia Gets You Bouncing, Old School Arcade-Style

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In today's Hot On Your Wall, we give you the opportunity to digitally shake that thang — and hopefully don't get you in trouble with your work's HR Department at the same time. Got some time to kill? Happen to work from home (or in an office that won't be offended by some 8-bit rump-shaking)? If so, it's imperative you check out transgender New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia's absolutely bonkers (and again, potentially NFSW) new time-waster: the marvelously low-fi video game Booty Battle! The game, presented by Vice Magazine and developed by digital marketing agency Eyes & Ears, is slightly less complex than Ms. Pac Man, yet just as addictive. Players to use their fingers to score points in a butt-bouncing bout against a computer opponent. If you manage to out-bounce the opposing booty — definitely not that hard to do, especially if you're used to the "smash all the buttons at once" strategy of video gaming — you're rewarded with a free download of Big Freedia's single "Feelin' Myself." Enough talk: go check out Booty Battle! — but just make sure to delete the browsing history on your work computer afterward.