Local Artist Wayne Bund's New Show "Mimesis" Opens Saturday

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Portland's art-queers should carve out some time in their Saturday night schedule to check out the opening party of local genius Wayne Bund's new process-oriented exhibition Mimesis: Fantasy and Friends. While it's certainly a packed weekend for homos-about-town, you may want to pencil a couple free hours into your schedule and head down to Place PDX to check out the opening night of local queer superstar Wayne Bund's new exhibition Mimesis: Fantasy and Friends from 5 to 8 PM. Bund explains his concept and inspiration for the show:
MIMESIS: Fantasy and Friends a process-oriented exhibition of 20 photographs that documents gay/queer people in their 20s and 30s living in Portland, Oregon. I will exhibit two photographs of each subject: a simple portrait of the subject in their bedroom, and a second portrait of the person in a... "fantasy set" [constructed] using materials (cardboard, paper mache, tempera) that speak to childhood play.... The exhibition will be process-oriented, in that I will turn the gallery into my art studio, photo studio, and thinking lab. During the two months of the show, I will construct each set and photograph it in the gallery, then print and exhibit each "fantasy set" image. The impetus of this work is to allow fantasy to compete with knowledge and truth for control over the flows of energy, desires, meanings, and bodies in our lives. From entertainment, escape, and dreams, fantasy holds power over the consciousness, both waking and sleeping of every person, and this exhibition aims to capsulize this struggle. Mimesis: Fantasy and Friends centers on the desire to present to the public an integral part of myself and the queer community in which I reside.
Mimesis opens tomorrow with the first set of bedroom portraits; over time, the space will morph into a variety of childhood fantasy sets as the second and third phases of the process unfold. The second opening, scheduled for May 19, unveils the full installation of Mimesis, which will run until June 10. The Mimesis opening party runs from 5 to 8 PM on Saturday, April 21 at Place PDX on the third floor of the Pioneer Place atrium building (700 SW 5th Avenue, Portland). Don't fret too hard if you can't make it on Saturday night, though: after the opening party, the gallery will be open Thursday through Sunday, noon to 6 PM, to facilitate your taking a look at the creative process of one of Portland's most interesting and inspired artists.