New Music Monday: Timmy Straw

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By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly
In today's New Music Monday, PQ introduces you to the gorgeously minimalist stylings of local performer Timmy Straw. Sometimes, less is definitely more. One of the clearest examples of this design truism can be heard in the brilliant and challenging work of Portland's Timmy Straw. The enigmatic musician has won a small and dedicated legion of admirers with their willingness to strip away every unnecessary flourish, resulting in an arresting and hypnotic sound utterly unique in the city's musical landscape. Straw's self-published album State Parks demonstrates a diverse and very literary array of influences, ranging from the heartbroken psychedelic strumming of early Cat Power to the contemplative introspection of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. The resulting compositions are full of paradoxes: quiet songs made to be played at full volume, overwhelmingly tender while breathtakingly bold. It's swoon-worthy music that cuts right down to the soul, heralding a talent that may just be one of the Rose City's most promising performers of the year. Turn up the volume on your speakers and check out the video for "Victorville" and listen to the tracks "Lungs Light Bones," "Chariot for Eric," and "Plain Heart," all from State Parks. What do you think, readers? Tell us your thoughts on Timmy Straw in the comments!