This Month in Queer History: April 2012

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1870 – Two men are tried in London for public cross-dressing and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy, based on the theory that all cross-dressers are gay prostitutes. One of the men is the lover of MP Lord Arthur Pelham Clinton. [Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest]
1929 – Police conduct a raid on the Lafayette Baths in New York. Two patrons are injured as a result of police brutality; one has two ribs broken, the other is blinded in one eye. [GLAPN] 1946 – Three men are arrested in Lima, Ohio, as part of an anti-gay witch-hunt and required to provide a list of all known gays in Lima. [GLAPN] 1954 – In a debate, British MP Robert Boothby says he opposes incarcerating gay men out of concerns their homosexuality is contagious. [GLAPN] 1963 – Colorado returns the right to vote to those convicted of sodomy. [] 1969 – Kansas becomes the first state to exempt heterosexuals from its sodomy law, making it exclusively applicable to gays. [GLAPN] 1972 – Hawaii becomes the fifth state to repeal its sodomy law. [GLAPN] 1973 – The Gay Academic Forum is founded in New York to make academia more gay-friendly. [] 1973 – Delaware repeals its sodomy law. [GLAPN] 1977 – South Dakota repeals its sodomy law. [GLAPN] 1993 – Hundreds of thousands gather in Washington, D.C., for the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay & Bi Equal Rights & Liberation. Featured guests include Melissa Etheridge, RuPaul, Urvashi Vaid, and Jesse Jackson. [OTGD] 1999 – A nail bomb planted by Neo-Nazi David Copeland explodes in London’s Admiral Duncan pub, killing 3 people and injuring about 70 others. [OTGD] 2000 – Hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ rights supporters gather in Washington, D.C., for the Millennium March on Washington. President Bill Clinton addresses the crowd, via video. [OTGD] 2007 – The first North American Outgames are held in Calgary. [QH] 2007 – The United Kingdom passes a non-discrimination ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in goods, facilities, and services. [OTGD] 2007 – New Hampshire approves same-sex domestic partnerships. [OTGD] 2009 – Same-sex marriage is legalized in Iowa, Vermont, and Sweden. [QH]