'Trannysnatchers' promises bizarre, offensive good time

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By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly
Are you the type of queer who likes your films campy, your drag queens engaged in demon-worship, and your gender binary smashed? Well, you sick puppy, you're in luck. Get yourself down to the Hollywood Theatre on April 20 and check out the premiere of the highly controversial new horror flick, “Trannysnatchers.†Deep in the rural Oregon forest, a gang of “hellbent gender enders†form a cult to worship an ancient trans deity who demands that the strict cultural rules surrounding the performance of gender be abolished. Along the way, there are kidnappings, forced makeovers, bloody battles, dark rituals, and a truly frightening amount of glamour. Can the town's awkward, obsessive police chief stop them before their task is completed? How many will die in this twisted love story of chainsaws, blood, lipstick, and demonic sacrifice? Co-directed by Portland's own Caedmonster and Nicolas Boxwell, “Trannysnatchers†features loads of local talent, including former members of the infamous Portland drag/performance troupe, Sissyboy. Sexy Portland luminaries Fannie Mae Darling and Nandi LaSophia head the misfit cast, which also includes seasoned indie film actress Amity Givens, Sissyboy's “Linah Cocaine†Benjamin Porter, and Fleur de Lethal's own Nico Bella. “Trannysnatchers†has been controversial from its inception -- precisely as the filmmakers intended. Even the title has been considered highly inappropriate by many members of the community, who cite that the term “tranny†is a slur and shouldn't be used without a clear understanding of how it can be reclaimed from its negative connotations and history. However, others in the larger community express glee at the thought of Portland brewing up its own gory, queer take on B-movie occult horror. "I always shiver with anticipation when a movie with 'tranny' in the title is about to be released, not to mention 'snatch.' Can't wait!†squealed seminal queer filmmaker Bruce LaBruce. The title itself is perhaps the real litmus test: when you hear it, you'll either exclaim, “My stars! How dare they use that wicked term! How in the devil's name can they justify being so... so… offensive!?†or you will say “Wow! That sounds like it's going to be a pretty offensive movie! Hell yeah!†Whichever response you come up with, we won't try to convince you to change camps -- it probably wouldn't work anyway. However, if you happen to be the sort who enjoys having their buttons pushed, the kind of person who likes Gwar shows and vomiting drag queens and Pink Flamingos, you probably couldn't find a better place to get offended than the premiere of “Trannysnatchers.† 
Premiere: April 20, 7:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., The Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland. Tickets $7 per person, available at the door. For audiences 18 and older; minors allowed if accompanied by guardian. Trannysnatchers.com