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Policy of truth

DSCN1502 Photo by Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly
  How does a community hold itself accountable without tearing its members down? How can we seek and report upon the truth while remaining cognizant of its subjectivity? We — as a community, and as a publication — have wrestled mightily with these questions lately. Human beings are incapable of true objectivity; as a result, the best any journalist or publication can aim for is fairness, balance, and thoroughness in their investigation and reporting. As you will see in a letter to the editor on page 10 (or here), some feel that PQ has fallen short of this aim and of our mission to represent “every color and every letter†of the LGBTQ community. We have not and will never claim that our coverage is above criticism; however, we strive to report the facts as we find them — and the words of those involved as they are delivered to us — without malice towards particular individuals, groups, or entities. If you have a perspective that you feel isn’t being represented in our coverage, we urge you to make yourself available as a source by contacting us at info@pqmonthly.com; we also welcome letters to the editor (be they critical or complimentary) at that address. Over the last few months, tensions have surfaced around race, privilege, and accountability in the community; as individuals and as a movement, queer people have struggled to understand how to talk about and ameliorate these issues respectfully and constructively. As we have seen it, one of the most positive outcomes of this situation has been its ability to starkly illuminate two ways to consider the question, “Why did you do that?†— as an accusation or as an inquiry. We need more of the latter. We must be willing to ask the hard questions, both of ourselves and of those around us, and accept the answers. We need to be able to account for our own missteps and the missteps of others in the community while also recognizing our shared, flawed, glorious humanity. As journalists and as a publication, we believe that this is the only means by which we can make real progress towards justice, reconciliation, and understanding. Seeking truth is hard, and it often hurts quite a bit. But, like setting a broken bone, it’s the only way we are ever going to heal. -The PQ Monthly Team

News & Community

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