Astroscopes: April/May 2013

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Bend over and catch your breath! Hopefully you rode the sweet waves the Universe handed you over the last couple of weeks. New Moon in Aries April 10 may have given "aha!" moments. Mars cruising your 2nd house of finance and lunar eclipse in transformative Scorpio brings a crescendo in finance/shared resources/fair pay.


If a Taurean doesn't know what to do, they'll just stop. Well, the wait's over! Fiery Mars lends you get-up-and-go-get-it while simultaneously Pluto (death/rebirth/transformation) retrograding in fellow earth sign Capricorn April 12- Sept. 20 clarifies your root desires, revealing areas of fear to acknowledge/overcome/transform. Sun in Taurus inspires fab makeovers. Haute!


Mental gymnastics is a Gemini gift and this month communication — specifically in work/authority figures — is lightning fast and crystal clear. Self Improvement Month is in effect! Use this window of clarity to focus on projects, connections, and longer-term goals that got back-burnered. Separate what goes /what moves forward then F-O-C-U-S 100%. #Ritalin


What and how do you contribute your voice to this world? The Universe asks you to contemplate how you'd like to be remembered and work toward that. Multiple planets dancing through your 11th house of Groups/Aspirations give you ops to align yourself with people that inspire and collaborate. Lunar eclipse April 25 causes creativity LIGHTNING storms!


Time to put your best face forward! Delicious ops to shine will grace you as Sun/Venus/Mars move into your 10th house (Career/Ambition/Public Face). This is NOT a dress rehearsal. The chances you take this month can push you to the next tier. Grow! Make sure your home-base is especially solid now.


Oooh! It's getting deep for Tribe Virgo. I personally believe that the way you THINK creates your experience of your life. Several planetary transits in your chart highlight the theme of digging deep and really looking at how you think and how see yourself and your world. Rigid mindsets/belief systems can soften/transform. Speak up.


Clarity is the word of the month for Tribe Libra. Seeing patterns, connecting dots, and deftly intuiting what goes where and when is how you've got it right now. Word! Finances (especially connected to Home/Family) either implode if you've been ignoring the warning signs, or finally get sorted and click smoothly into place. Spend wisely.


Tribe Scorpio gets it deep from all sides this month. Planets in your 7th house (Partnerships/Relationships) highlight a desire to look at whom you're holding closest, or not holding at all. Your ruler Pluto retrograded April 12, bringing elevated mental truth. Full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio steps you firmly into your newest/truest face.


The last few weeks tried inspiring you creatively, romantically, and playfully. Hope you enjoyed the hell out of it! Multiple planets shift into your 6th house of Service/Work/Health/Habits where conscious self-improvement and organization rule. A great time to make work shifts/heart-centered career goals/volunteer. Prophetic dreams likely around lunar eclipse April 25.  


Intense! Pluto (death/rebirth/transformation) in your sign retrogrades April 12-Sept. 20, asking you to pause and think about identity, how you're projecting you're image outward, and urging you to shed or bring forth. Home/Family life fast-forwards. Lunar eclipse April 25 in your friends/groups/aspirations sector highlights what people/goals you've hitched your wagon to.


Being a part of your community, paperwork, communication, and learning has been central and a great time to stretch comfort zones by engaging people not typically a part of your world. Family/home life is also highlighted with shifts and some planning to move. Lunar eclipse April 25 shines light on career ops, ambitions. #Caffeinated


Powerful month! Pluto (Death/Rebirth/Transformation) retrogrades in your Friends/Community/Long-term aspirations sector, asking that you pause, reconsider/reconfigure in these areas. Planets shifting into your communication house may bring a steep learning curve — think fast! Putting education to use, travel, and sitting fully in a new personal philosophy get highlighted April 25. BAM!  
Miss Renee (aka Tarot Chick) is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 20 years based out of North Portland's Kenton neighborhood. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: