Get Out: April/May 2013 Calendar

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As the days get longer and brighter, said days are filling up with more and more sweet goodness. Not that we’re a city to rest on our laurels—we sure stayed busy busy this winter. We’re routinely running out of space here on our print calendar, so we regularly update our website with all the latest and greatest. There’s a weekly weekend forecast published each Wednesday—and you can add to our online calendar of events there, too.

PQ Picks

Big Dipper Takes Portland Big Dipper Takes Portland
Saturday, April 20: Big Dipper Takes Portland. Did you see our feature on Chicago’s rap dynamo in our last issue? (Find it.) This big hairy deal stages his live shows like Britney arena concerts. (Real declaration on his part.) And he raps about sex and bears and summertime realness. Edgy, catchy, hot as hell. YouTube his videos. (You haven’t already?) DJ Hold My Hand spins after the show. 10pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $8. Tuesday, April 30: Our Voices—Race and Ethnicity, Let’s Talk About It. Kathleen Saadat hosts a panel that also includes David Martinez, Cliff Jones, and Rupert Kinnard. This is not a debate about whether or not there is racism (or sexism, or…) within our communities and movements, it’s about telling our stories and sharing a dialogue about race/racism that serves as a catalyst for change, a foundation for building stronger coalitions. There will be a Q&A. You had us at Saadat. 6:30pm, Q Center, 4115 N. Mississippi. Saturday, May 4: Red Dress 2013! Let’s get serious about our lives, people. The epic shitshow party everyone waits all year for. Tear through your friends’ closets, hit up Fat Fancy, rifle through the racks at Ross. Just find your dresses! You’re running out of days. Theme: Caught Red-Handed. Guest: Nina Flowers. Yes! 8pm, AudioCinema Building, 226 SE Madison. $50 GA/$150 VIP.

Dance it Out

First Sundays

Bridge Club. A slew of deejays play stellar music on one of the city’s most treasured patios. Old Boys Club regularly welcomes special guests. Brunch, mingle, get down. 3pm, Produce Row Café, 204 SE Oak. Free. Every Sunday. Superstar Divas. Bolivia Carmichaels, Honey Bea Hart, Ginger Lee, and guest stars perform your favorite pop, Broadway, and country hits. Oldies, too! Dance floor opens after the show. 8pm, CC Slaughters, 219 NW Davis. Free!

First Thursdays

Dirt Bag. Keyword: Bruce LaBruiser. She’ll make all your musical dreams come true. Indie, pop, electro, all of it. Dance to the gayest jams. 10pm, The Know, 2026 NE Alberta. Free. Hip Hop Heaven. Bolivia Carmichaels hosts this hip-hop-heavy soiree night every Thursday night at CCs. Guest performances at midnight. 9pm, CC Slaughters, 219 NW Davis. Free.

First Saturdays

Sugar Town. DJ Action Slacks. Keywords: Soul, polyester. 9pm, The Spare Room, 4830 NE 42. $5. Maricón! DJs Moisti and Ill Camino redefine the Eagle with their beloved once-monthly dance party. For homos and their homeys. 10pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3.

Second Sundays

Silverado’s Beer Bust. (Every Sunday.) Sweet jams, lots of skin (the dancers, not you), and our city’s beloved Stan, making all the jokes via microphone. Listen carefully to his commentary. 4pm, 318 SW 3, Free.

Second Thursdays

I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul. Three keywords, the most important being: DJ Beyondadoubt. Others: soul, shimmy. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $5.

Second Fridays

BMP/GRND. Portland’s only queer dance night devoted entirely to that tragic(ally wonderful) decade. DJs Kasio Smashio and Rhienna. Wear 90s gear, get in on the cheap. 9pm, The Foggy Notion, 3416 N. Lombard. Free before 10pm, $5 after, $3 w/ themed attire.

Second Saturdays

Rotate: DJs Moisti and Hold My Hand make a Maricón/Bridge Club baby. Come hear the blessed noise, and help them celebrate. 9pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3. Mrs.: The queen of theme. Most recent: Under the Sea. How’s that for perfection? And dynamic DJ duo: Beyondadoubt and Ill Camino. Costumes, photo booths, all the hits. 10pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi. $5.

Third Thursdays

Polari. Troll in for buvare. Back-in-the-day language, music, and elegance. An ease-you-into-the-weekend mixer. Bridge Club boys make the music. Bridge and tunnel patrons have no idea what to do with us when we pour in. It’s OK to chuckle at them. 10pm, Vault, 226 NW 12. Free.

Third Fridays

Ruthless! Eastside deluxe. DJs Ill Camino, Rhienna. Come welcome new resident deejay Rhienna and listen to the fiercest jams all night long. Keyword: cha cha heels. 10pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $3. Third Saturdays Gaycation all you ever wanted. DJs Charming and Snow Tiger. Be early so you can actually get a drink. Sweaty deliciousness, hottest babes. THE party. April = Jenna Riot. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $3. Nuttz 2 Buttz. Maricon’s kid brother. DJs Moisti, Ill Camino. Ass-shaking contest. Hug Moisti! 10pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3.

Fourth Thursdays

Cockabilly. Rock and roll disco with homosexual tendencies. The night’s charismatic hostess, Chanticleer, proves Thursdays are back. 9pm, White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE Eighth. $5.

Fourth Sundays

Gender Abundant Square Dance. All-ages goodness. No experience necessary! 7pm, The Village Ballroom, 700 NE Deckum. All ages! $7.

Fourth Fridays

Twerk. DJs Slutshine and II Trill. Keywords: old school. Established fun, all night long. So much dancing. 9pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. Free! Double X Dance. Bears, scruff, musk. 9pm, Embers Avenue, 110 NW Broadway.

Fourth Saturdays

Inferno! DJs Wildfire and D-Zel. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Rotating venue—check online for the latest! Blow Pony. April: RAJA! Two giant floors. Wide variety of music, plenty of room for dancing. Rowdy, crowdy, sweaty betty. 9pm, Rotture/Branx, 315 SE 3. $5. Hey Queen! For all the party girls. The more intimate, shoulder-to-shoulder choice. Bruce LaBruiser and special guests. Always fabulous. 9pm, Beulahland, 118 NE 28. Free.

Last Thursdays

Laid Out, Portland’s newest gay dance party. Seriously, the posters read: “gay dance party.†Deejays Gossip Cat and Pocket Rock-It, with photos by Eric Sellers. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $3 after 10pm. (No Laid Out in April.)

Last Fridays

Temple! A West Side Social. Keeping the west side afloat. Downtown dancing goodness at everyone’s favorite dive bar. Resident Kasio Smashio, plus guest. 10pm, The Matador, 1967 W Burnside. Free is a very good price.


Thursday, April 18

Orange Crush: A Lady NetRippers Outgames Fundraising Extravaganza. Lady auction/drag show/drink specials/raffles and prizes: the women’s NetRippers soccer team wants to go to Belgium for the World Outgames. This is how you help. Come eat, drink, mingle, catch a show—and win a date with one of the net-ripping ladies themselves. True story, they’re auctioning off one of their own. 9pm, Crush, 1412 SE Morrison.

Friday, April 19

Dress Code: What happens when you put Asia Ho Jackson, Shitney Houston, Kaj-Anne Pepper, Svetlana Trantastic, Helena Keller, and four amazing deejays under one roof? Come find out. (There are loads of other performers, we just ran out of space.) Dress Code is a dance party/performance art evening where the concept is self-expressive costumery/attire/drag/fetish gear/whatever you find self-expressive. Just dress up—because if you don’t, you pay. 10pm, Funhouse Lounge, 2432 SE 11. $4 dressed, $10 not.

Saturday, April 20

Mac Attack. The Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence invite you to get your gluttony on, Portland-comfort-food-style. Florentine mac, pesto and mushroom mac, and bacon mac (which they’ll also deep fry for you)—put on your eating dress and eat all the pasta with the Sisters. Or come and watch everyone else eat and feel very thin. Choose your choice. 4-6:30pm, The Fox and Hounds, 217 NW Second. $12 per person/$20 for 2.

Monday, April 22

“Drag Race†Viewing Party—each Monday, Scandals puts your favorite drag queen sprinting contest on the big screen. Admit it, the show is so much more fun with friends. (Even strangers.) Hosted by Summer Seasons—there’s always a mini drag show, contests, giveaways, prizes, all of it. 8pm, Scandals, 1125 SW Stark.

Thursday, April 25

Gay and Grey Fourth Thursday Social. Come on, come all, come socialize. And eat delicious foods—burgers, specials, and much more. 4pm, Starky’s, 2913 SE Stark.

Friday, April 26

Lumbertwink returns! Your favorite Northwest fantasy is back for its Spring Chop. Guest deejays Roy G Biv and Pocket Rock-It will cut up the dance floor. (See what we’re doing with those lumber references there?) Three rooms, big patio, lots of mutual beard rubbing (optional). Photo booth by the party’s architect, Wayne Bund. 9pm, Funhouse Lounge, $3 in plaid, $5 sans the good stuff.

Saturday, April 27

Vancouver’s Coronation: No, not Canada, silly, our sisters across the river. There are a variety of Imperial Sovereign Rose Court activities this weekend (Fri-Sun), and things come to a head Saturday night: the event is Invasion of Candyland, where G.I. Joe meets the Sugarplum Fairy. Interpret as you will. Check out the Facebook event for complete listings. 5pm, Red Lion Vancouver, 100 Columbia Street. $40. More info: Blow Pony welcomes Raja! (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Three Winner.) Still only $5 to ride the Pony. (Raja!) 9pm, Rotture, 315 SE Third. $5.

Friday, May 3

Pablo Cáceres celebrates Vancouver’s First Friday art walk with “Ice Cream Social,†a new collection of digital illustrations. The artist himself will be at Angst Gallery meeting, greeting, and hugging during the evening of First Friday. Make the trek, check out downtown Vancouver’s art scene. (It’s pretty great, I used to live there.) 5pm, Angst Gallery, 1015 Main Street.

Wednesday, May 8

Save the date. Celebrate queer activist Cameron Whitten’s birthday (albeit a month late) and support Street Roots. From Cameron: “Not only if this an opportunity to celebrate, but this is an opportunity to acknowledge the fulfillment activism brings to our lives. We’ll be holding a benefit for Street Roots, which does incredible work to empower the disadvantaged.†$25 donation is encouraged, and we’ll have more about the time and place online—so bookmark our blog, dear readers.

Wednesday, May 15

Women Who Lead Luncheon. Save the date for Women Who Lead 2013, Equity Foundation’s celebration of women who work in the service of equality. They lead through their work, volunteering, and spirit of giving. The first leadership award goes (deservedly so) to Samantha Swaim. Equity will also be presenting Susie Shepard with a lifetime achievement award for her inspirational commitment and tireless efforts to advance equality in Oregon. 11:30am, Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park.

Monday, May 20

Gay Skate, sponsored by yours truly (PQ Monthly). This is every third Monday. All ages goodness! Join Sock Dreams, the Rose City Rollers, and all the amateur skaters in the city at the one and only queer skate night. Work muscles you never knew you had—but don’t fall. 7-9pm, Oaks Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way. $6. All ages.