Inaugural Trans 100 Recognizes Local and National Activists

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Image via The Trans 100 on Facebook. Image via The Trans 100 on Facebook.
By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly
The Trans 100, a joint project of Jen Richards of We Happy Trans and Antonia D'orsay of This is H.O.W., revealed its inaugural list of honorees today following a launch event in Chicago on March 29, corresponding with International Transgender Day of Visibility.
“The value of the work that is represented by the 100 people on this list is immeasurable,†D’orsay said in a release. “These people demonstrate the diversity, the determination, and the incredible triumph of spirit that informs all trans people, no matter where they are. This is just a glimpse of what trans people can accomplish.â€
The list was culled from 350 nominees and reflects a wide swath of the LGBTQ community, including local activist and musician Monika MHz (who first shared her trans history publicly in PQ Monthly in January) and Jenn Burleton, executive director of TransActive Education & Advocacy.
Monika MHz (left) and Jenn Burleton (right) are among the activists recognized in the inaugural Trans 100 list. Photos by Jeffrey Horvitz and Erin Rook. Monika MHz (left) and Jenn Burleton (right) are among the activists recognized in the inaugural Trans 100 list. Photos by Jeffrey Horvitz and Erin Rook.
“Today, on the day my name was read, and every day I stand on the shoulders of giants," Monika said upon receiving the recognition. "And while I cautiously accept this honor -- because I know the power of our visible lives, bodies, and history -- I do so knowing that while we may celebrate the hard work one hundred of us do, there are thousands of unsung heroes fighting tooth and nail for our collective and individual survival. And our work is not done until every voice is uplifted, until every marginalized voice has won its equal place. Someone asked me why I chose to disclose my history in January, and my only response was that I did it so that one day it wouldn’t matter anymore. And with more days like today, I keep hope for that future.â€
The full list (unranked and in alphabetically order) is available on Buzzfeed, and includes writer and activist Janet Mock, gender theorist Kate Bornstein, Trans People of Color Coalition founder Kylar Broadus, sex positive advocate and educator Spencer Bergstedt, poet and performance artist Ryka Aoki, and activist and scholar Qwo-Li Driskill, to name a few. Also included are a number of folks who attended or addressed the 2013 LGBT Media Journalists Convening in Philadelphia, including National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling, Windy City Times reporter Kate Sosin, TransGriot founder Monica Roberts, Outserve-SLDN Executive Director Allyson Robinson, and Trans Latin@ Coalition founder Bamby Salcedo.
"The Trans 100 will bring much-needed visibility to the critical, grassroots work that trans people have been doing in communities across the country for years," GLAAD's Wilson Cruz said in a release. "While media coverage so often misses the mark on accurate portrayals of trans people, the Trans 100 is changing the game by sharing the inspiring and diverse stories behind trans advocacy." BlogTail3_ErinRook