Know the Dress Code, Go on Gaycation, Gaze at Big Dipper!

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By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
I've been listening to this adorable new Camera Obscura song on repeat this morning, and aside from it being sickeningly adorable, it has me all abuzz with dreams of bright, lazy days and patios. (What doesn't? I know.) I'm fairly the certain the song is about an adorable summer romance gone off the rails, but I think the central message--"you were insatiable, I was more than capable, let's do it again"--applies to all our dizzying Portland weekend adventures. So yes, dear readers, let's do it again. And again. Below, your weekend forecast. Before we get down to business, a kind, gentle reminder that we have a brand new print issue of PQ coming out tomorrow (Thursday), and we'll be getting adventurous and visiting our friends at the Tiger Lily in Vancouver--they're hosting this month's press party. We've expanded our hours for this soiree--we'll be there from 4-8pm--so you have plenty of time to adjust your schedule, carpool, and deal with that teeny tiny bit of traffic on the 5. The Lily is located at 1109 Washington.  (First and foremost, have you gotten your Red Dress tickets yet? The party's coming so soon! RSVP here.) Friday Dress Code: What happens when you put Kaj-Anne Pepper, Asia Ho Jackson, Shitney Houston, Svetlana Trantastic, Helena Keller, and four amazing deejays under one roof? (Queens galore!) Come find out. (There are loads of other performers, we're just running out of space. Check out the whole list here.) Dress Code is a dance party/performance art evening where the concept is self-expressive costumery/attire/drag/fetish gear/whatever you find self-expressive. Just dress up—because if you don’t, you pay. 10pm, Funhouse Lounge, 2432 SE 11. $4 dressed inspirational-like, $10 not. Ruthless: Ill Camino welcomes Rhienna (BMP/GRND) and implores you to get your cha cha heels on (or your fly kicks, or whatever your pleasure) and dance to house, electro, pop, and all the remixes at everyone's beloved third Friday destination. 10pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $3. Saturday Gaycation with Jenna Riot. A little something about Jenna Riot from Gaycation's architects: Jenna is a fierce-femme flooding the nightlife scene in San Francisco with her booty-bouncin' beats. Ms. Riot has appeared in clubs all over the country, from Portland to New York City. She's also a nightlife photographer and body positive fashion icon--a staple of the San Francisco dyke party scene who's also part of Ice Cream Socialites, a side project with rapper Rocco Katastrophe. Enough added incentive to attend the party you were probably going to anyway? Thought so. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $5.  Big Dipper (finally) descends on Portland. Big Dipper--we featured him in our last issue of PQ--and he's finally bringing his hip hop and wildly popular live show to our fair city. He'll rap, dance, stick around for a meat and greet, and probably perform all your favorites. "If someone wants to call me a bear," he says, "more power to them. Traditionally, what we see predominantly  represented in any sort of magazine, porn, gay bar--a bear is an older, huskier, chubby man with a lot of body hair, and specifically a beard. Normally these men present very butch and take their masculine representation very seriously. Traditionally, this isn’t a group of men who listen to hip hop music. Now, things are changing. ‘Bear bars’ are populated with a variety of people, ranging in race and age and body size and interests and all that." He's got plenty more to say (and spit). Come see what he's all about. Bridge Club's Hold My Hand makes you dance before and after the show. 9pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $8. For your afternoon listening pleasure: There's a lot more going on this weekend--as our print calendar will show you tomorrow. Don't miss Thursday's NetRippers fundraiser, Saturday's delightful pasta-eating-extravaganza (it's a real thing), or Saturday's night of burlesque. (Click on the links to peruse the Facebook invites.) BlogTail_DanielBorgen