Letter to the Editor: Coverage of Shirley Q. Liquor 'radically' one-sided

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Dear PQ,

Your motto is "Every Letter, Every Color," but in a recent web article you posted ("Queer Racial Justice PDX Urges Further Action from Eagle on Shirley Q. Liquor Booking") it was apparent that, again, not everyone was represented. Instead the piece read like a match to a moltov cocktail. The writing was tilted in support of the letter, which is not reporting, but opinion. This bias was evident as the article fully focused on a group demanding reparations because they, specifically, feel offended, while the Q Center's tried and failed attempts to hold a discussion, and the fact that many community members of color came to the support of The Eagle and their booking choices, went ignored and unreported. QRJ and The Eagle are not the only voices on this issue. And while I can understand and sympathize with portions of QRJ's letter, the fact remains that PQ's coverage of this issue has been "radically" one sided. Portland is not free from racism, and for the record I am not a fan of Shirley Q Liquor. But in all the coverage of race relations I've seen in PQ, I have yet to see comprehensive reporting. Instead I see writing specifically attached to the most radical of Portland's queer people of color, while any time someone in our community voices concern it has been shot down as part of the "oppressor race" or "white washed." As a queer Jewish boy who grew up in a rural community, I understand oppression, maybe not on the same level as some QPOC, but enough to see that it can happen in many different ways. I am continually disappointed in how biased and one sided PQ has been in our community, and at the lack of fair and broad coverage. Including radicalism and activism is excellent, we need it, but I hope to see you also include more of how the whole community is responding to an issue, report when you say you are reporting, and actually live up to your motto one day. - Samuel Thomas Send your Letters to the Editor to info@pqmonthly.com.