New Music Monday: Dan Croll

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Dan Croll 1
By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Now that the hot weather is kicking in, PQ can turn you on to Dan Croll for today's New Music Monday. Are you thrilled by the likes of Vampire Weekend, Prince, or Paul Simon? If so, your heart will race for young British singer-songriter Dan Croll. A former rugby player, Croll was forced into early retirement after a particularly brutal match and instead dedicated himself to creating sunny, poppy indie-rock with heavy shades of world music influence. Late last year, his debut single "From Nowhere" became a major radio hit in the UK; now, with the domestic release of his EP From Nowhere and his new video "Compliment Your Soul," Croll is poised to make a big impression on the airwaves stateside. Rick Florino of ArtistDirect certainly thinks so: the EP is comprised of poignant moments... not to mention topnotch songwriting. Whether it's the sunny title track whose world music bounce shimmies and shakes infectiously or the soulfully sweet "Compliment Your Soul", Croll's fusion of instrumental intricacy and massive melodies makes for elegant pop music with cinematic implications. Elsewhere, "Wanna Know" is downright danceable. He's the kind of artist who will make an "unconventional" yet undeniably catchy hit and rightfully become inescapable. Croll's makes music that's both brilliant and beautiful. It's the start of a promising career for one of the most exciting new voices and songwriters on the scene. He's already home. Check out videos for "From Nowhere," "Compliment Your Soul," and "Just Like Christmas." Quite fun, isn't it? BlogTail_NickMattos