New Music Monday: James Blake

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By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

In today's New Music Monday, PQ turns you on with the sexy electro-soul of James Blake. PQ has featured British electronic wonderkid James Blake in New Music Monday before — but we love him so intensely that we're compelled to tell you about him again, especially considering that his new album Overgrown drops in the United States tomorrow. Blake has always brought a good measure of D'Angelo-style heat to his minimalist dubstep creations; however, with Overgrown, he ratchets up the makeout-jam quotient up several notches to create an album that's sure to be the soundtrack of many a baby's conception in 2013. NME's Al Homer connects the dots between Blake's dubstep roots and the soulful tenderness of his new album:

On his [2011] debut, Blake was caught in a no-man’s land between the club music he had outgrown and the as-tender-as-Bon Iver trappings he’d yet to fully master, unsure of what he wanted it to be. His sound is no less divided this time around, but on Overgrown he’s done making apologies for it. It’s not an easy listen, but it may just be one of the most nuanced, soothing and adventurous of 2013.
Prepare to be overwhelmed by the sensuality of "Retrograde," "Digital Lion," and "Voyeur," all from Overgrown. Really makes you need to fan yourself, doesn't it? If you find yourself seduced by the sound, be sure to pick up tickets to Blake's show at the Wonder Ballroom on April 24 — we'll see you there! BlogTail_NickMattos