Babson, Bush and the Friendliest Store in Town

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Bush fam (L to R) George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush. (Photo credit: Corbis / Golf Digest)
By Kat Endgame, PQ Monthly
Today in news of the gross: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is visiting our fair city today (April 21) to raise a whole bunch more money than you or anyone you know makes in a year to fund his 2016 presidential run. Jeb Bush is trying to put the tarnishing of the Bush name behind him, declaring his brother’s mistakes irrelevant. He’s doing so with help from a longtime Republican financial mogul, who also happens to be on the board of New Seasons.
Seasons pic Stephen Babson (Photo credit: Endeavour Capital)
This has prompted a new wave of ire against the ever expanding “friendliest store in town.†Previous criticism has been raised against New Seasons for accelerating gentrification, union busting and unfair labor practices. That said, New Seasons is still seen as a local darling and if you’re like me and live two blocks away from one, it’s hard to look elsewhere for good produce and assorted hippy goods. Stephen Babson, the board member in question, and an employee of Endeavour Capital who owns a majority share in New Seasons, is hosting the $12,500 a plate dinner at his house. The truckloads of money to benefit Bush’s dynastic presidential ambitions will go toward such pet projects as abolishing the federal minimum wage. Protesters are gathering today at 5 p.m. to demand a $15 minimum wage and to shame New Seasons for Babson's longtime inclusion on the board. Whether you decide to stop shopping at New Seasons and join the call for boycotting the store until Babson is removed or don’t particularly care because they’re still less evil than Whole Foods, it’s important to hold in our minds the complexity of how we are marketed to. New Seasons markets itself heavily on its adherence to social justice and progressive ideals. That message is beginning to look a lot more like marketing and lot less like truth. (Image credits: Bush Family: Photo by Corbis -; Stephen Babson -