Friday YouTube Party – Prancing Elites, Garfunkel & Oates, #OttersUnite, and Amy Schumer

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By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly
Series Trailer for the "Prancing Elites" Remember the Prancing Elites?! They have a show now on Oxygen. Dancing? Drama? Fighting against bigotry. Yes please. THANK YOU OPRAH! Rainbow Connections The charming duo Garfunkel & Oats (who I will forever love for the song "Pregnant Women are Smug") released a gay wedding song. As in, this is the song you play at your gay wedding, and comes complete with surprisingly tasteful rainbow metaphors and jabs at any haters. The video is ADORABLE and animated by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera. Shell Arctic Oil Spill Tutorial (slightly NSFW) Robbie Banfitch, also known as SomeTipsForLife, wants to unite otters (the gay kind) against Shell drilling in the artic. To get his point across he plays out a little demonstration of an artic oil spill in his bathtub. He’s wearing underwear, but still, you know anytime you watch something even the tiniest bit risqué at the office one of your coworkers walks by. Milk Milk Lemonade (NSFW) Amy Schumer is KILLING IT lately; she just released two amazingly funny videos critiquing rape culture (while perfectly parodying Friday Night Lights) and how Hollywood treats aging women (there’s a lot of f-bombs there, careful). But I just can’t get her booty anthem "Milk Milk Lemonade" out of my head. Partially because it is catchy as hell and partially because it reminds you that butts are where poop comes out and gay men everywhere are taking that moment again to reconcile that we have sex where poop comes out.