Introducing PQ Seattle and Bay Area

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PQ_ 4_25x6in postcard_front “We want to pave the way to unity and respect and mutual harmony. ... El Hispanic is being born to unite and to serve, or better stated: to serve while uniting.†-El Hispanic News founder Juan Prats in the first issue in 1981 Staying true to that mission and welcoming the many changes the media industry had faced, 31 years later under new ownership, in 2012 Brilliant Media LLC launched Proud Queer—known as PQ Monthly. In honor of Juan Prats and his mission, we created PQ to have “every letter and every color represented.†I am proud of our Brilliant Media team as they have kept this mission at the forefront of every story pitched, every interview done, every event we’ve thrown, and every image that has graced our pages and web presence. After being contacted by some significant tech people in the Bay Area, they encouraged me to explore the idea of growing PQ’s digital reach with localization in the Bay and Seattle. Today, April 1, 2015, I am proud to announce that Brilliant Media LLC is expanding our online presence with the creation of and Our family both north and south of us share the common thread of pride in our culture and community and the willingness to expand conversations with each other. Additionally, all three sites (Seattle, Portland, and Bay Area) boast the most robust community calendar with direct linkage to their sister sites. This calendar is also free to post your events on. To start, we have shared content that is accessible and worthwhile to readers everywhere as we prepare local content for both Seattle and the Bay Area. Please contact us if you are interested in blogging, writing, selling, or have story ideas. I will be in the Bay Area April 14-21 in support of, which is also hosting an official launch party for on Thursday, April 16 at Parliament (811 Washington, Oakland, CA, 5-9pm). We will be celebrating with celebrity models, designers, and complimentary hors d'oeuvres provided by Oakland’s favorite restaurant, Kainbigan! Just $10 at the door. What I have learned is that we are always learning, and our niche publications are paramount in serving our communities, as they are often the only voice we have. With that comes a great responsibility, so I encourage our team to always be true to themselves first and foremost—that is the only way we can then truthfully serve our communities. We also have to look at every issue from all sides and be fair and balanced in our presentation of the facts, for at the end of the day we are all in this together. With that in mind, let’s be inclusive and make some room for each other, because we all breathe the same air! Congratulations to us all. --Melanie Davis, Publisher