PFLAG Portland Black Chapter; Queer Heavy Metal Strip Club; Turnt Up; Much More!

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By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
Your abbreviated weekend forecast is here, so get dressed and get out! Friday PFLAG Portland Black Chapter (PPBC) will hold its sixth anniversary celebration at Ambridge Event Center in Portland starting at 6 pm, Sunday, April 24. It is billed as the “biggest, baddest, most love-filled celebration of our Black LGBTQ community.†All people of good will, regardless of age or identity, are welcome. Mistress of Ceremonies will be popular local entertainer Alexis Campbell Starr. The gala will feature food, drinks, entertainment, moving performances, special guest speakers, and photo booth fun along with other attractions. The group has worked extensively to advocate for LGBTQ equality in the larger black community and facilitate the organization of gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in schools. In fact, many PPBC participants have become leaders in the larger Portland black community. Khalil Edwards, the energetic and skillful coordinator of PPBC, is the son of Antoinette and Keith Edwards. Antoinette is one of PPBC’s founders, and Keith is a strong supporter. In 2013, PFLAG Portland Black Chapter added Youth Coordinator Leila Hofstein to expand their Youth Outreach Program and Support Development. In that role, Leila Hofstein has done an exceptional job working with the LGBTQ youth of our community. Tickets for this very affordable anniversary event can be purchased online at Twerk. Special guest Kiddy Smile (Paris, France). Plus regular DJs ILL Camino and II Trill. Keywords: bring your twerk. The city's longest-running queer hip hop/R&B party--where artists, deejays, performers come to mix, mingle, and move on the dance floor. Established fun, all night long. 9pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $5. Turnt Up! w/ Stormy Roxx and Isis: Every 4th Friday, Turnt Up! is a dance party featuring queers and queer sentiments, performance, live music and deejays from near and far. We wish to create a space to free ourselves of constraints through art and dance music that pushes boundaries, while maintaining that essential element called: FUN. We believe the night is for us, you, me and each other. We create space for all sexualities, body types, ages, genders, class backgrounds and ethnicities. In and of itself, we believe this to be a potentially radical act and invite you to help contribute. 9:30, Lovecraft, 421 SE Grand. $5.  Saturday HM Queer Heavy Metal Strip Club. All of your favorite things in one place? Queer people, heavy metal, and nudity? One night only? You want it? Dancers: Zak the Barber, Dash Lopez, C Darling, Dicky Pete, House of Coco, Lexy, Lissy, Cinnamon Maxine, Special Guest, special guests, deejays: Roy G Biv and Jodi Bon Jodi. Door/stage lube: Aaron Boeke. $10. Don’t be a jerk and argue about it. These people are going to be nude and deserve money for doing it, OK? Get your freak number right. Bring bills to throw down. Get wet. 9pm, 3416 N Lombard. The party: is $10 and doors at 9pm. This charge is so they can pay their artists, dj’s, organizers, and photographers a living and sustainable wage for their art. Ground rules: This is a strip club not a sex party so be cool and don't touch the dancers. Be cool and nice to your dancers. Tip heavily and tip often the normal etiquette is $1/per song. No photography. Blow Pony welcomes back Rica Shay and TT the Artist: Two giant floors. Wide variety of music, plenty of room for dancing. Rowdy, crowdy, sweaty betty, the one tried and true, even after all these years. 9pm, Rotture/Branx, 315 SE 3. $5. Judy on Duty. Lesbian hardcore. Judys, Judes, and cool ass freaks. Dance it out. DJ Troubled Youth. Organized by Ana Margarita and Megan Holmes. 10pm, High Mark Water Lounge, 6800 NE MLK. Sunday Superstar Divas. Bolivia Carmichaels, Honey Bea Hart, Topaz Crawford, Isaiah Tillman, and guest stars perform your favorite pop, Broadway, R&B, rock, and country hits. Dance floor opens after the show. The Drag Queen Hunger Games are over, and the shows must go on! Check out the newest and freshest Diva hits. 8pm, CC Slaughters, 219 NW Davis. Free! Monday Family Home Evening. A weekly, post-work lounge party every Monday night at Vault, featuring DJ Orographic (Bridge Club, Queerlandia) and occasional special guests (Sappho fills in now and then). Jens Irish serves you happy hour all the live long night. 7pm-11pm, Vault, 226 NW Twelfth.