Star Trends: Quantum Astrology and Mercury Retrograde

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By Robert McEwen Use the days until April 9 to initiate important connections you have been meaning to make: contact a person in charge of an area you wish to advance in; initiate communication with someone who has been on your mind; begin a project you have felt attracted to involve yourself in. A Mercury retrograde cycle occurs three times each year. Things that are begun most often need to be repeated. For example, if you take your car in for work, it is likely you will need to go back to your mechanic to re-fix the problem if he does the work under a Mercury retrograde cycle. Prior to April 9, the beginning of the spring cycle, initiate as much activity as you can—make new starts and handle tasks you have been putting off. The summer Mercury Retro cycle begins August 12, 2017. The Mercury retrograde cycle is also good for refining and completing tasks already begun. Advance planning empowers us to use time to our best advantage—going forward when the time for action is ripe, and pulling back and resting when outward action would require needless repeated effort and expenditure of energy. Quantum Astrology is revealing the power of the archetypes that live within the collective unconscious of each individuation of Infinite Mind. Each person is a unique design of the whole, yet encompasses the whole, or all the signs. It is a unique pattern, like the many facets of a diamond, but it is one diamond. It all reflects back and is part of the whole. It is really a consciousness conscious of conscious template. There is a power that can be unleashed as we make the unconscious conscious. This astrological measurement is the invisible essence of you as a mathematical equation. This is you as a quantum potential. This is quite the opposite of the old "fatalism" misunderstanding of astrology. Unpredictability can be unleashed in Quantum Astrology as you observe the planet placements, zodiac signs, and planetary aspects. The natal chart can be read in a timely manner by watching the transiting planets. This is the quantum part of the equation called you. There is the power of synergy within the birth chart, and it is brought out as the current transiting planets travel in their orb through the 12 signs of the zodiac. These archetypes connect in unique dynamics, and once understood awaken your consciousness in an amazing way that only you can experience. An astrologer, who interprets the language based on time and space, navigates this journey of discovering this internal consciousness map. This symbolic interpretation is the lens, which you look through to get a universal view of life!
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