Friday YouTube Party – Portland Queer Music Festival

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11051772_926611780729687_5780297919565764069_n By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly This weekend is the Fifth Annual Portland Queer Music Festival. In honor of the event, today’s YouTube party features Saturday night's headliners, AB SOTO and Bomb Ass Pussy. As a note, these videos may be NSFW. Growing up in Los Angeles, AB SOTO draws heavily on his Mexican heritage, but his music defies genre, also drawing on influences of pop, house, and rap. Breaking barriers is what Soto does best. The visuals in his videos are rich, running the gamut from psychedelic to lighthearted, sensual to disturbing—sometimes all in one video. He also blurs the line between masculine and feminine in how he and the people in his videos present themselves, never worried about how others perceive them. Soto has described his work as “performance art†and it has that feel, but rather than being something inscrutable to be deciphered it’s something fun to enjoy. Our local headliner is the queer hip-hop group Bomb Ass Pussy, featuring Kitty Morena, Jeau Breedlove, and Boys + Mixtapes (Mixxxy). If you want to get to know them better, check out the interview PQ did with them last year, or the feature we did on them the year before. Visit the event’s Facebook page for more information. It should be a pretty good show. The Portland Queer Music Festival Saturday, August 8, 8pm-2am Euphoria Nightclub 315 SE Third Ave., Portland21+