There is No Justice for the Sweet Cakes Owners

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Sweet-Cakes-GoFundMe-page-4-24-15-6.30-pm-80k By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly About that headline... No, I’m not talking about when a judge ordered the couple, Melissa and Aaron Klein, to pay $135,000 for violating Oregon’s anti-discrimination laws. That was justice; they broke a law and had to face a penalty. I’m talking about the couple raising over $300,000 through fundraising sites. Yes, enough people really believe that these two people are heroes for refusing to sell a lesbian couple cake, so much that they raised enough money to buy a house. Part of the money was raised on GoFundMe, which was shut down by the site (apparently the Kleins still got to keep the money), but then moved to Continue to Give, which is essentially the Christian GoFundMe. Their donation page is littered with messages of how they are “doing God’s work†and such. There’s also no justice because Aaron Klein went on Trunews, a right-wing radio show, and told anyone who was listening that he’s really fighting Satan and Nazis. (via Right Wing Watch… you can listen to the interview there):
Klein warned that churches may soon be forced to fly the rainbow pride flag, which Wiles said is just what the Nazis did in forcing German churches to embrace the swastika: “There is no difference: rainbow flag, Nazi swastika, it’s the same thing. It’s the same spirit behind it.†While he agreed with [talk show host Rick] Wiles’ sinister outlook and alleged that gay people are trying to coerce him to join them in their sins, Klein felt encouraged by the response from others to his ordeal. “This could be a turning point,†he said. “Satan may have overplayed his hand and we might have a chance for revival in this country.â€
This is the country we live in. And this is definitely someone who deserves $300,000.