Astroscopes: February/March 2013

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When was the last time you asked yourself, "Why am I doing this?" Aries live so “in the moment,†you rarely question the reasons underneath the impulse. Planetary aspects provide Aha! moments where you fully see yourself , realize you're powerful and that you truly impact others, softens your edges, and gives you energy and discipline. Mantra: GENTLE giant.


Planetary aspects ask you what “community†means to you. Are you being fed by yours? As themes of friends/groups/aspirations continue through March you evaluate longer term options, expanding/cutting socially, and gravitating toward experienced/inspirational peeps. Soulfood-feed your dream. Jupiter aspects + Venus entering lovey-dovey Pisces Feb. 25 says careful with over-emoting /over promising. #IEFFINLOVEYOUMAN!


"Everyday I'm hustlin'" indeed! Planets five-deep transiting your 10th house (Career/Public) hasn't seen you this on fire here in forever. Before your ruler Mercury retrogrades in murky Pisces Feb. 23-March 17, push to make crystal clear your career aspirations to yourself/authority figures. March 7 is the perfect day for intense convo’s with bosses and spouses.


I’m proud of Tribe Cancer. You've been breaking open, redefining, and rewiring yourself for weeks. For Crabbies, that's particularly profound. The Universe is revealing hidden talents/strengths, asking you to take your newfound personal philosophy and integrate it: Where do you want to make your unique mark in this world? What's your personal style of “woo?â€


Ever wish life came with a user manual? Well, in ways this next month will supply you with yours, at least. Planetary action in the fourth house (Home/Family) and eighth house (Death/Rebirth/Psychology) says stabilize living sitch/family, figure out what makes you tick, and realize that life is short. Yeah, it's gettin' real Meta.


If like attracts like, who are you attracting? Who do you want to partner up with? What kind of experiences do you want to have with them? These questions surface as multiple planets wind through your seventh house (Relationships/Partnerships). A blast from your past may surface Feb. 23 – March 17. Smoochies or choppity chop?


There's being good at what you do and there's feeling confident about your abilities. Planetary aspects lend a boost in self-worth, showing you, “Hey! You're kind of a big deal!!†Some Librans may realize talents were focused in the wrong arena. Shift! Saturn retrograde Feb. 18-July 7 requires new financial strategies/rethinking values.


The time to be unapologetically who you are is NOW. Saturn transiting your first house (Selfhood/Style/Persona) + planets transiting your fifth house (Creative self-expression/Romance/Fun) say get clear and stand strong in the image you're projecting, how you want to be loved, and creating without self-edit. Changes in health regimen highlighted. #3repsof10


Planets jammed in your fourth house (Home-Housing/Family/Roots/Childhood/Mother) sit you down and require you to ask yourself what "home/family/stability" means. This is a big deal for Sagg as you're the zodiac's Maverick/Loner/Wanderer. Remember. Heal. Mid-March shifts the focus to your fifth house (Fun/Romance/Creativity). Recreate yourself.


Four words: Network Your Ass Off! The power of words is yours this month, Cappie. Socialize and rub elbows with all the right people. You may be asked to teach/train/mentor/rewrite protocol. Don’t be afraid to step up. You ruler, Saturn, retrogrades Feb. 18-July 7, requesting re-evaluation of friendships and re-planning long term goals.


Multiple planets in your second house (Finance/Talents/Values) + retrograding Saturn in the 10th (Career/Public) asks you to re-examine your finances and getting paid for talents. Strengthening flagging self-worth preps the way for a career leap of faith. Education (standard or self-taught) may be a factor in this next chapter. Believe!


Now through March will provide you with Aha! moments re: how strong you really are + friends/groups that show up and have your back. This is the perfect time to aspire for higher and achieve it. Mercury (communication) retrograding in Pisces Feb. 23- March 17 says don’t try to verbally explain, use “vibe†and art instead.
Miss Renee (aka Tarot Chick) is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 20 years based out of North Portland's Kenton neigborhood. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: