Cynthia Nixon Honored by Whiffenpoofs, Proves "Trick" Legend is Real Thing

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By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
If you've been on the hunt for your lighthearted feel-good tidbit of the week, we think we've found it for you. It turns out Sex and the City fave Miranda Hobbes--er, Cynthia Nixon--will be honored by the country's oldest a capella group, the Yale Whiffenpoofs. (Remember when you first heard of those? Back in your Trick days? When Perry told you he'd dated three Whiffenpoofs? And the poignant line toward the end: "And just for the record, the Whiffenpoof? He dumped me.") The Whiffenpoofs (we're going to use that word as many times as we can in this blog post), have performed at The White House, on Saturday Night Live, and at the Lincoln Center. Ms. Nixon will be honored tonight--the show is part of Yale's GALA, their second queer reunion, and a group of Ivy League LGBTQ leaders, according to SheWired. Last year, Nixon wed her partner in New York, and has remained an outspoken marriage equality advocate. For anyone Sex-and-the-City-minded, she wore Carolina Herrera. No word on what she'll wear tonight. To the Whiffenpoof show. Whiffen-poof. And, with that, it's time to revisit some of Miranda's greatest hits, to get you all warmed up for tonight. For the show we'll never see and probably never hear about again. But it's served as a great reason to visit some of the best Hobbes zingers. Like when she eats cake out of the trash. And calls to confess her sins: "I said no white, no ivory, no nothing that says 'virgin'. I have a child. The jig is up." ("Miranda, you're my cynical touchstone. Do you promise to still be cynical even after you're married?") "Steve, I love you." That is all. Don't forget to have all the fun this weekend, kids!