This Weekend: Drag Balls, 90s Nostalgia, and Twerk Bags, So Busy!

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love ball
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
We're a little over a week into February, our days are clearly getting longer, brighter, the Return of Bridge Club is on the horizon--it's time to acknowledge, fully, lights at the ends of tunnels, and everything that comes with it. And this weekend, darlings, reads with a brightness, oozing with all the sweet talent that makes our fair city so special. So what's on your agenda? Well, here's what's on ours: Mardis Gras is a full week away, but that hasn't stopped some of our old favorites from making big, naked plans. Silverado kicks off things tonight, CCs does Friday (though I'm sure Bolivia will have something special in store for hip-hop goers this evening), and Scandals has a big shindig planned for the day of--Fat Tuesday. That's a lot of beads and a lot more junk. Before you go anywhere, get nourished at Queer Munch, a once-monthly food-fest. From their invite: "This munch is for anyone who identifies as queer and their partners. By queer, we mean gay men, lesbians, fags, dykes, bisexuals, pansexuals, and polysexuals along with transfolk, those who are genderqueer, gender flexible, gender fluid, and gender fuckers. If the word queer feels like home for part of you or all of you, you are welcome." It's like having a spirit day with all your queerest friends. Thursday, 5:30pm, Radio Room, 1101 NE Alberta.  Tonight, Dirt Bag and Twerk join formidable forces for Twerk Bag--billed as a "special edition of Dirt Bag," deejays Trill, Ill Camino, and Bruce LaBruiser will make you dance your undergarments off. This party is free (free!), but remember, you're always welcome (and encouraged) to tip your music makers. You do not want to miss this party, so get thee to The Know. No weeping in your coffee tomorrow morning because you missed everything. Thursday, 10pm, The Know, 2026 NE Alberta.  90s lovers! BMP/GRND is back, this Friday. DJs Amy Kasio and Rhienna bring you round two of Portland's only queer dance night devoted entirely to the 90s. Yes, please. This goes down every second Friday. And never forget: 90s garb gets you in on the cheap. Friday, 10pm, The Foggy Notion, 3416 N. Lombard. Free before 10pm, $3 in costume, $5 otherwise. And THIS: Love Ball, our city's take on the epic drag balls of yesteryear. Brought to you by Old Boys Club and The Eagle PDX (headed by promoter extraordinaire Michael Talley), host Chanticleer Tru demands you get your houses in order. Dust off your wigs, heels, the stuff you only pull out for the occasional Halloween shindig--and walk the runway. (Or come watch some queens walk the runway.) Deejays, dancing, runways, shows, trophies, prizes, judges--everything to make your night of dreams come true. Come see how Portland interprets Blue Collar Drag, Fixed Heels, Femme Fatale (high glamour!), and Rooster Rock Realness (this one terrifies me a bit). You can find more detailed explanations of the categories here, along with a slew of ideas and inspiration. This, my dearests, is the one you've been waiting for. Think: bigger than Jackie Beat. (Full disclosure, I'm privileged to be part of judging this thing. So BRING IT. Our expectations are sky high.) Saturday, 9pm-late, The Eagle, 835 N. Lombard. $5.  And yes, I should have had this weekend forecast up yesterday, but I was real busy sunning myself in L.A. And watching queens like this. (Maybe one of you will bring some Mannequin realness to the Love Ball.)