Get Out! Calendar of Queer Events: February/March 2013

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Edna Vazquez Edna Vázquez

PQ Picks

Friday, February 22: Edna Vázquez and Luz Elena Mendoza. Musically, it really does not get any better than this. Think: captivated audiences, enigmatic singers, genre-bending, and the inspiration that is Y La Bamba. Word on the street is the duo plan on some duets. Talk about the sonic world imploding, in the best ways imaginable. 8pm, Alberta Rose Theater, 3000 NE Alberta. $12 advance, $15 at the door. laid outThursday, February 28: Laid Out. The newest gay dance party, held every last Thursday at Holocene. Come witness their inaugural body of work and leave it all on the dance floor. Get your picture taken in one of Eric Sellers’ epic photobooths. Gossip Cat, Pocket Rock-It, Misti Miller — with special guest Hold My Hand. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $3 after 10pm. Sunday, March 3. Bridge Club (Forever). Your favorite T-Dance returns! Yes, what you just heard was the whole of the city breathing a sigh of relief. We’ve missed you, beautiful. This is the place for Sunday recovery, Sunday socializing, and Sunday dancing. It’s like church, but with a better buffet in the vestibule. Come reclaim your spirit. Featuring every deejay you’ve ever loved. 3pm, Produce Row, 204 SE Oak. Free.  

Dance It Out

(and stop complaining about covers, your DJs need food, too)


First Sundays

And every Sunday. Superstar Divas. Bolivia Carmichaels, Honey Bea Hart, Ginger Lee, and guest stars perform your favorite Broadway, Cher, Reba, and Celine hits. Dance floor opens after the show. 8pm, CC Slaughters, 219 NW Davis. Free!

First Thursdays

Dirt Bag. Keyword: Bruce LaBruiser. She’ll make all your musical dreams come true. Indie, pop, electro, all of it. Dance to the gayest jams. 10pm, The Know, 2026 NE Alberta. Free. Hip Hop Heaven. Bolivia Carmichaels hosts this hip-hop-heavy jam night every Thursday night at CCs. 9pm, CC Slaughters, 219 NW Davis. Free.

First Saturdays

Sugar Town. DJ Action Slacks. Keywords: Soul, polyester. 9pm, The Spare Room, 4830 NE 42. $5. Maricón! DJs Moisti and Ill Camino are redefining the Eagle with their beloved once-a-month dance party. For homos and their homeys. 10pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3.

Second Sundays

Bear Paw Bust. Keyword: beer bust. Bears, beverages, and boys (men). 4pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N. Lombard. Free. Silverado’s Beer Bust. (Every Sunday.) Sweet jams, lots of skin (the dancers, not you), and our city’s beloved Stan, making all the jokes via microphone. 4pm, 318 SW 3, Free.

Second Thursdays

I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul. Two keywords, the most important being: DJ Beyondadoubt. Others: soul, shimmy. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $5.

Second Fridays

BMP/GRND. Portland’s only queer dance night devoted entirely to that tragic(ally wonderful) decade. DJs Kasio Smashio and Rhienna. Wear 90s gear, get in on the cheap. 9pm, The Foggy Notion, 3416 N. Lombard. Free before 10pm, $5 after, $3 w/ themed attire.

Second Saturdays

Realness, Category Is…: Eagle Portland takes on the ubiquitous theme night, with a new one each month. Bridge Club boys Hold My Hand and Little Bear make the blessed noise. 9pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3. Mrs.: The queen of theme. Most recent: Clueless. How’s that for perfection? And DJ perfection: Beyondadoubt and Ill Camino. Costumes, photo booths, all the hits. 10pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi. $5.

Third Thursdays

Polari. Back-in-the-day language, music, and elegance. An ease-you-into-the-weekend mixer. Bridge Club boys make the music. Vault patrons have no idea what to do with us when we pour in. 10pm, Vault, 226 NW 12. Free.

Third Fridays

Ruthless! Eastside deluxe. DJs Bruce LaBruiser, Ill Camino. The fiercest jams all night, they do what they want. 10pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $3.

Third Saturdays

Gaycation all you ever wanted. DJs Charming and Snow Tiger. Get there early so you can actually get a drink. Sweaty deliciousness, hottest babes. THE party. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $3. Nuttz 2 Buttz. Maricón’s kid brother. DJs Moisti, Ill Camino. Ass-shaking contest. Hug Moisti! 10pm, Eagle Portland, 835 N Lombard. $3.

Fourth Thursdays

Cockabilly. Rock and roll disco with homosexual tendencies. The night’s charismatic hostess, Chanticleer, celebrates his February birthday. 9pm, White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE Eighth. $5.

Fourth Sundays

Gender Abundant Square Dance. All-ages goodness. 7pm, The Village Ballroom, 700 NE Deckum. All ages! $7.

Fourth Fridays

Homodeluxe. Beloved icons Mr. Charming and Roy G Biv invade downtown. Make their party something the bridge and tunnel folk will remember forever. 10pm, Saucebox, 214 SW Broadway. Free. Twerk. DJs Slutshine and II Trill. Keywords: old school. Established fun, all night long. So much dancing. 9pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. Free! Double X Dance. Bears, scruff, musk. 9pm, Embers Avenue, 110 NW Broadway.

Fourth Saturdays

Inferno! DJs Wildfire and D-Zel. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Rotating venue — check online for the latest! Blow Pony. Two giant floors. Wide variety of music, plenty of room for dancing. Rowdy, crowdy, sweaty betty. 9pm, Rotture/Branx, 315 SE 3. $5. Hey Queen! For all the party girls. The more intimate, shoulder-to-shoulder choice. Bruce LaBruiser and special guests. Always fabulous. 9pm, Beulahland, 118 NE 28. Free.

Last Fridays

Temple! A West Side Social. Read: keeping the west side afloat. Downtown dancing goodness at everyone’s favorite dive bar. Resident deejay Kasio Smashio. 10pm, The Matador, 1967 W Burnside. Free is a very good price.

Get Out!

Friday, February 22

Edna Vazquez and Luz Elena Mendoza: Perhaps you caught the delightful vocal stylings of Edna Vazquez during Latino Gay Pride a couple of years ago. She’s heavenly, and she’s teaming up with the lead singer of Y La Bamba, Luz Elena Mendoza. It doesn’t get more magical than this. They’ll both be featuring solo material, and plan on duets, too. Think: transcending genres, guitars, folk, incredible voices. Special guest Leo, from Magic Mouth or Ancient Heat. 8pm, Alberta Rose Theater, 3000 NE Alberta. $12 advance, $15 at the door. (Don’t wait for the door!) Madison Young and Hustle, making the queer hip hop dance night. Madison Young brings all her trademark, ahem, “adult†advice as she changes the world, one orgasm at a time. This night offers super special queer sex tips from Madison, along with a night of hip hop dancing immediately following. I can’t think of a better pairing? Listen, it promises to be amusing and informative. This night, think: adult, adult, adult. And consent. Give it yours. 7pm, Crush, 1412 SE Morrison. Admission is a sliding scale, depending on your pleasure. $5-15. VIP, which includes a meet and greet, $20. Honey Bea Hart and Valerie DeVille Celebrate their Un-Birthdays. Honey Bea promises a drag show filled with Disney, craziness, and mayhem. It’s perfect because you can eat delicious fried things, consume thirst-quenching beverages, and catch some talented queens. (Honey Bea is a personal favorite; I vouch for her.) 9pm, Hamburger Mary’s, 19 NW Fifth. No cover, but tip your queens, please.

Saturday, February 23

An Evening with Bobby Jo Valentine, benefitting Pride NW: those familiar with Mr. Valentine (from past Prides, or from San Francisco) recognize the name and voice, and he’ll join the Rose City for a special show at MCC. LA Weekly calls him “the nicest guy to ever pick up a guitar.†I bet no one’s ever written that about John Mayer. Music, refreshments, a meet and greet, and you help Pride NW. Remember when his version of “Oh Danny Boy†brought Pride to its feet? 6pm, MCC Portland, 2400 NE Broadway. $20.Ticket info here: Blow Pony’s Sixth Anniversary Bash. Tip your hats to a six-year mainstay. You may talk shit about the bridge and tunnel element, but you’re all still going. This month, more San Francisco goodness: Double Duchess. (Hint: YouTube that shit immediately if you’re in the dark.) In addition to local favorites, BP will be importing music from Vancouver, BC, and Seattle. Find Airick roaming the floors and give him a wet one for me. Hint: get your drinks downstairs. 9pm, Rotture/Branx, 315 SE Third. $5.

Sunday, February 24

Oscars! While notably more dull than the Golden Globes, they can be fun with the right amount of libation. Many local watering holes are hosting viewing parties, including Scandals. 4pm, Scandals, 1125 SW Stark. Free, clearly. PFLAG Portland Black Chapter’s Fourth Anniversary: hosted by drag phenom (a term we don’t use lightly) Alexis Campbell Starr — this night features performances, special guests, a buffet, and a bar. That sounds like all your dreams coming true in one spot, doesn’t it? 5:30pm, Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK. $10 advance, $15 at the door.

Thursday, February 28

Gay and Grey Fourth Thursday Social. Come on, come all, come socialize. And eat delicious foods. 4pm, Starky’s, 2913 SE Stark. Laid Out. Portland gets its newest hit dance party. Held every last Thursday at Holocene, residents Pocket Rock-It, Gossip Cat, and Misti Miller welcome special guest Hold My Hand for a night that aims to get everyone sweaty on the dance floor. Make Thursdays a destination again. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $3 after 10.

Friday, March 1

Lezberados: Comics Sandra Valls, Mimi González, and Belinda Carroll bring all the funnies to Portland. Billed as “comedy with no bull,†Valls and Gonzalez both routinely play sold-out shows from Provincetown to Los Angeles. Joining the funny and fierce is our sweet local girl, the foul-mouthed but funny-as-hell Belinda Carroll. 8pm, Bob White Theater, 6423 SE Foster. $15 advance, $20 at the door. The Pink Party, Allie McQueen celebrates her birthday and aims to paint the town pink. Morgan McMichaels — from “Drag Race,†season two — joins the fun. Plus: Ms. McQueen, Kim Chi, and Coutura Couture. Plus, proceeds go to charity. Pink attire required. 9:30pm, Jack London Bar, 529 SW Fourth. $8 advance, $12 at the door.

Sunday, March 3

Bridge Club Returns: now you know what to do with your Sunday afternoons. March marks the official return of everyone’s favorite T-Dance. Think: social, seasons changing, summer’s coming, all the music. Pocket Rock-It, Hold My Hand, Orographic, Gossip Cat, Little Bear, and Huf N’ Stuff all spin. It’s free — and the drinks are strong and the food is delicious. 3pm, Produce Row, 204 SE Oak. Free.

Friday, March 8

The Betty Ford Party: Carla Rossi and Samuel Thomas schedule their birthday massacre. Ignore the birthday parts for a moment and pay attention to this: Shiny Music Hall sneak-peek, DJ Nark joins us from up north, Artemis Chase comes out of retirement (again) to host, and Lisa Dank is on tap. Dress code: dress up, no exceptions. 9pm, Shiny Music Hall, 714 SW Twentieth. Free.

Thursday, March 14

Dark Night of the Soul: an evening of stand-up tragedy. Say goodbye to the winter months with a magic storytelling event. Writers, performers, and artists share cathartic true stories from the darkest parts of their lives. Watch them flaunt their adult shame, regret, heartache, and failure. Hosted by Kaj-Anne Pepper. Bonus: PQ writers Nick Mattos and Erin Rook will be among the brave. Wayne Bund, too! (Don’t skip this one, Wayne.) 8pm, Floyd’s Coffee, 118 NW Couch. $3 suggested donation.

Monday, March 18

Gay Skate, sponsored by yours truly (PQ Monthly). Join Sock Dreams, the Rose City Rollers, and all the amateur skaters in the city at the one and only queer skate night. Work muscles you never knew you had — but don’t fall. 7-9pm, Oaks Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way. $6. All ages goodness.