Queer Aperture Q&A: February/March 2013

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Shaley Howard. Photo by Jeffrey Horvitz Shaley Howard. Photo by Jeffrey Horvitz
Through his Queer Aperture project, photographer Jeffrey Horvitz has spent years documenting the LGBTQ communities of Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. He’s well aware that a picture paints a whole mess of words, but here he offers a few actual words to better acquaint us with his dynamic subjects.

What is your name?

Shaley Howard  

How long have you lived in Portland?

All my life … born and raised  

What was the first time you noticed that gayness existed?

The minute puberty hit  

What would you consider a guilty pleasure?

Anything with lots of cheese  

What would be a perfect day off?

Playing with family and friends  

Favorite book?

“Conversations with God†Trilogy  

Favorite word?


Least favorite word?


Favorite swear word?


What is your profession?

Owner of the dog walking/pet care company, Scratch 'n Sniff Pet Care  

If you could with a snap of a finger what would be another profession you would like to do?

A bigger, better version of what I already do  

What person, living or dead, would you like to meet?

Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt
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