Sexual Soul Transformations Start at Home

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Suzi Southworth "What if the most honoring thing we can do is bring awareness to the here and now?" Photo by Penny Michelle Taylor.
By Suzi Southworth, PQ Monthly

Sacred sexual unions can both rip our hearts open and tear them apart. In the throes of intensity and passion, it’s hard to understand this force of nature let alone tame it. Relationships that feel raw, real, and sexually-charged cause us to instantly dream ahead to fairy tale scenarios, sunset walks on the beach, hand-in-hand into old age with our soul mate.

Instead of skipping ahead, what if the most honoring thing we can do is bring awareness to the here and now? When we float our attention to the glorious possibilities ahead, we often miss the significance and beauty that’s before us today. Being in a sacred sexual union isn’t easy. We put a lot of pressure on our partners, when simply loving them deeply will garner our greatest teachers and lovers. Honoring partners while they are with us and after they’ve gone is our ticket to freedom. It tells our soul, “We are listening and trusting that we're being led to those who help us take gigantic leaps in our evolution.†In my work as a psychic medium, I tell clients, “Lean in, let go, and stay in gratitude for the connection that only a true soul mate can bring. Your ‘happily ever after’ comes from being in the moment with your lover, promoting the best chance to find yourself there someday.†This Valentine’s Day, try to create a moment of connection that is so authentic, both you and your partner will accept no less ever again. Ask together for "soul transformation" that takes you on a journey that might not last forever, but can change you forever. This encourages a true sacred sexual union, fueled by the Divine. We simply cannot become who we are destined to be without this kind of intervention and prayer.
suzi southworthSuzi Southworth is a Portland-based psychic medium with a 20-year background in social services. Suzi offers personal sessions and ministry services, including wedding officiating. You can find Suzi online at