This Weekend: Laid Out Comes Out, Maricones Everywhere, and the Return of Bridge Club

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By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
(Author's note: Daniel got a little too excited about daylight savings yesterday. It's not actually until next Sunday, 3/10. But his points remain.) For this week's weekend forecast, let's talk harbingers of summer. Things are about to get very real. One of my best friends absolutely abhors summer--he prefers cold weather fashions and long pants--and has asked me repeatedly to stop pointing out that all signs point to longer, warmer days. He also reminded me of that 100-degree stretch last year that, admittedly, I pretty much hated. Regardless, a girl needs something to look forward to, and I can't think of anything better than hot, lazy days, patios and happy hours, and wearing next to nothing. How can I be so delusional on February 27? Well, I'll tell you. (Hint: daylight savings time and Bridge Club.) Thursday (the short month means two of your favorite parties go head-to-head): Laid Out, the city's newest last Thursday dance night, at Holocene. And technically not one of your favorites yet. Did you know party architects held a photo shoot, wherein they shot butts, and said art will be graciously displayed tomorrow night? (The whole event page is riddled with similar goodies.) Something's been needing to fill the void Cafeteria left, so why not this? Resident deejays Pocket Rock-It, Gossip Cat, and Misti Miller welcome Bridge Club's Hold My Hand and invite you to come out and christen their inaugural body of work. Eric Sellers wants you inside his photo booth. Knit tank tops and short shorts encouraged. 9pm, Holocene, free before 10, $3 after. 1001 SE Morrison.  Cockabilly: disco derelict was a big hit last month. And this month is sweet Chanticleer's (Magic Mouth, Love Ball) birthday celebration. Beyondadoubt helms this rock and roll disco with homosexual tendencies, and from party-throwers: "This time, not only are we celebrating your faggotry, but we are also celebrating someone who works so hard on his homosexuality and brings that to you time and time again..." (See: birthday.) Early rock, R&B, roaming photographers, go-go dancers, etc. etc. Mere blocks from Laid Out, so you barely have to pick. Wander the city streets and take in all the glory. 9pm, White Owl Social Club, $5. 1305 SE 8th.  Friday (Sit there quietly and let these lezzies make you laugh): Lezberados. (Sidebar: I've totally been calling all my shacked-up friends lezberados.) Comics Sandra Valls, Mimi Gonzalez, and Belinda Carroll bring all the funnies to Portland. Billed as “comedy with no bull,†Valls and Gonzalez both routinely play sold-out shows from Provincetown to Los Angeles. Joining the funny and fierce is our sweet local girl, the foul-mouthed but funny-as-hell Belinda Carroll. Check out what our editor-in-chief had to say about them on our sister publication's blog: click here. 8pm, Bob White Theater, $15 advance, $20 at the door. 6423 SE Foster.  Saturday Maricon, obviously. First Saturday came so fast. Keywords: Moisti, Ill Camino, beard-to-beard, packed, sweaty, sonic perfection. An eclectic mix of homos and queers and anyone else who stumbles in. Routinely the best kind of delightful mess. I love it. 10pm, Eagle, $3. 835 N. Lombard. Sunday Last but not least, clearly. The days are longer now, officially, and since you're going to be groggy and all kinds of out of sorts due to the time change, come waste the day away at Bridge Club, the fairest of them all. Everyone's favorite Sunday social trumps every calendar on the planet when it comes to noting the changing of the seasons. It's here, it's back, it's daytime dancing, mixing, mingling, eating delicious foods, all of it. Nico (below) asks if she should stay or she should go. Don't struggle similarly: go. 3pm--9pm, Produce Row, free. 204 SE Oak.  There's more this weekend, including Allie McQueen's Pink Party Friday night--so be sure to peruse our full calendar. (And someone promise to remind me of these blogs when it's August and 105 degrees and I'm melting in on top corner apartment.)