Your Weekend Forecast: Birthdays, Benefits, and Babes (Dance Floors)

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hey queen
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
So, our new issue comes out tomorrow, and in it we outline--among many other things--all the beautiful events happening this weekend. Our print calendar is one big giant page, and it's where all your getting-out-of-the-house dreams come true. So be sure to check back in with us tomorrow--in the interim, here's a smattering of what we think will get your heart soaring and your feet moving. (Yes, again we make with the dancing and musics.) Thursday Here's where you allow us to toot our own horn for a moment. We're over the moon to be celebrating our first birthday (we also can't believe it's been a year already) at City Hall. In addition to wishing PQ a happy first birthday, we're also celebrating the 32nd anniversary of our sister publication--El Hispanic News. There will be snacks, drinks, fabulous guests--if you remember our launch last year, you might recall our people can bring it. Click here for all the details--and remember, the celebration at City Hall is all ages, but the after party at Embers is 21 and over. 5pm, City Hall, 1221 SW 4th. 7pm, Embers, 110 NW Broadway. Free, as per.  Polari: The only gay language--popularized in the early-mid 1900s, Polari was how the gays conversed with one another when it was illegal to be gay in public. It was our secret, and it's where lots of our slang has its roots. And let's get serious, taking over Vault on a Thursday night couldn't be more fitting. Watch eyes widen as the queers pour in. It happens. Enjoy the musical stylings of Bridge Club and Love Ball deejays Little Bear and Hold My Hand. Keyword: eye candy. 9pm, Vault, 226 NW 12th. Free, free, free. Drink specials.  Friday Homodeluxe: Third Friday's favorite fancy mixer. Elegant cocktails (or simple ones, if you'd like) and homos galore. "Put your pinkies up, fondue or don't, dance and drink." Residents Mr. Charming and Roy G Biv welcome special guests Troubled Youths. Lounge or dance. (We prefer you dance.) (But I guess we're OK with both.) 9pm, Saucebox, 214 SW Broadway. Free.  Temple, a west side social. Take six. The little party that could has morphed into the big party that is. Reminiscent of Maricon-like days gone by, but simultaneously wholly unique. Long a citywide-favorite, Matador is the ideal location to eat, drink, cruise, and be merry. Yep, we said cruise. Deejays Kasio Smashio (resident) and Sappho (special guest). 10pm, Matador, 1967 W. Burnside. Free.  Twerk: Don't say there aren't any east side options Friday. Change is in the air, but the hip hop remains tried and true. Twerk welcomes new resident deejay Ill Camino (Maricon, Mrs., everything), playing with regulars Trill and L-Train. Hip-hop heavy, and you love every minute. 10pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $3.  Saturday An Evening with Bobby Jo Valentine, benefiting Pride NW: San Francisco-based singer-songwriter returns to the Rose City to serenade adoring fans at MCC. In addition to musics, you can learn all about the work Pride NW does, and mingle with Mr. Valentine after the show. 6pm, MCC Portland, 2400 NE Broadway. $20.  Blow Pony celebrates six years as a monthly queer destination. You heard it. Six. Years. To help commemorate the occasion, Double Duchess flies in from San Francisco to make with the live performances. (Not familiar? Check it.) This is in addition to the two-floored, sprawling, warehouse-like dancing, gender-bending magic. Photobooth, deejays, etc. etc. Two of my best friends hooked up here once, and they've been dating ever since--see kids, The Pony is magic. 9pm, Rotture/Branx, 315 SE 3rd. $5.  Hey Queen. Every fourth Saturday, Beulahland gets really fucking gay. Electro, house, pop, remixes, and "good gay shit" spun by Bruce LaBruiser and company. This week, Pocket Rock-It joins Brucey. It's intimate, sweaty, social, and all the fun. You can still dance, but you won't get lost or lose your friends when you cruise the honey across the room. 10pm, Beaulahland, 118 NE 28th. Free, though tips are encouraged. Do it.  Sunday The Oscars. Watch them. And this, darlings, is just a peek at what the weekend has in store. See you tomorrow at the Anniversary Party? Good. I'll whisper the rest to you, gently, like sweet nothings in your ears.