Business Briefs March/April 2014

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By Gabriela Kandziora, PQ Monthly
North-West-Brewers-Cup-1024x768Update Back in the Oct. 2013 edition of PQ Monthly, I introduced you to Lisa Halcom, a multi-award winning Barista/Roaster and the owner of Happyrock Coffee Roasting Company.  Lisa called me to let me know she was the only competitor from Oregon to make it to the final round of the “Brewers Cup Competitionâ€â€”winning sixth place in the final round and second place in the first round (in Los Angeles, CA). A total of 16 baristas competed in this regional competition sponsored by the “Barista Guild†and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Congratulations to Lisa Halcom and to Happyrock Coffee Roasting Company! Lisa, we wish you the best in competing in the upcoming Nationals. Caffeine-loving PQ Reader, if you  have not yet tried this award-winning coffee, please check out  and order yourself some lip-smacking good coffee--have it shipped to your home or office. Support a local LGBTQ-owned business. Ask for the PQ deal available on your first order.  Melanie Davis, our publisher, survives on “Storm of the Black Bear.†Copy Pilot For our PQ Readers who live in North Portland, we highly recommend “Copy Pilot†for all your copy and printing needs.  David Schleiger is the owner/manager of this efficient and friendly shop and has been since opening their doors back in October of 2006. “We try to be problem solvers and help our neighbors find solutions for their printing needs. All of our co-workers are North Portlanders, so Copy Pilot is a very neighborhood shop. We know most of our customers by their first name,†says Schleiger. Copy Pilot is as efficient and has the same capabilities as the so-called Big Copy Shops. You can email a file to Copy Pilot,, with instructions—and the team at Copy Pilot can create most anything you need: posters, cards, bound reports/presentations, fliers—most anything you can dream up. Copy Pilot is also able to print commercial jobs. “One of our favorite print jobs is the St. John’s Main Street Coupon Books,†says Schleiger. If you work for a company that needs to have printing done on a large scale, think Copy Pilot. No job is too small or too large. Copy Pilot can also help you with your notary, mailbox, UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping needs. If you or your business is looking for a local shop to help you with regular shipping and copying needs and you wish to set up an account, where you can develop a relationship with your printer, please connect with Copy Pilot, they will be more than happy to help you get your project done. If you are just looking for a place to make some quick copies, think of Copy Pilot first.  Every Saturday from 3-5pm it is “Happy Hour at Pilot Copyâ€â€”six cent B&W copies 45 cent full-color copies on the self-service copiers (only).  Mention PQ Monthly and receive 10% off of your total order ($15.00 or greater).  Copy Pilot is located at 4784 N. Lombard in Portland. Call David at 503-283-7767. West Cafe Twenty-one years of being partners in life and in business make for a wonderfully successful life. Sean Concannon and Doug Smith, owners of West Café, have been serving delicious Northwest Cuisine, created by Executive Chef Sean Concannon, since August of 2006. Before Portland, the couple sold their two popular restaurants they owned and operated Charlottesville, Virginia (they came here to be closer to Doug’s family). The duo chose a location west of the Portland Art Museum and Arlene Schnitzer Theatre, since there are not too many restaurants in that section of Portland; they felt that Portland needed a restaurant in that part of downtown. West Cafe is modern and sleek, serving fantastic Northwest cuisine with hormone-free meats, fresh fish caught in the Northwest, gluten-free and local ingredients—and absolutely no fried foods.  Sean tells me the philosophy at West Cafe is this: “West Cafe, where the fare and atmosphere is simply inspired.â€Â  People enjoying their meals at West Cafe have many good things to say “…a busy Sunday Brunch, the gracious service was efficient but not rushed, just nice people…a lovely meal…beautiful presentation…wonderful ingredients and the preparation was delicious. We have now had breakfast, lunch and dinner at West Café—each meal was well-made and satisfying.†As I sat in the lounge, relaxed, drinking my cocktail, the large windows allowing the city lights to flow into this gorgeous restaurant, I could not help but feel as if I were in Los Angeles (but with much better food, of course).  It feels “big city and sophisticated,†but better because it has all the love and wholesomeness that Portland offers. Chef Sean and Doug have set the tone beautifully and created a gorgeous menu with some traditional comfort foods that have a modern update. Tip: the meatloaf sandwich—scrumptious.  West Cafe is located at 1201 SW Jefferson Street, Portland. To book a reservation or see the menu, please go to Mention PQ Monthly for a surprise special to accompany the meal you are enjoying. --Gabriela Kandziora