Let's Learn about CPAC!

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By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly
Over the last week CPAC (which I just found out stands for Conservative Political Action Conference) was popping up in my news feeds, so I figured I would finally see what it’s all about and share my findings with you. Fun Facts: --Founded in 1973 by the American Conservative Union. --People give a lot of speeches and there are panels. --The three best-named awards given out are the Jeane Kirkpatrick Freedom Award, the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award, and the Defender of the Constitution Award. --Each year they do a straw poll, selecting the most conservative conservatives' choice/candidate for president (Republican, clearly). And now for this year’s highlights (most of these stories come from Right Wing Watch): --This year Rand Paul won the straw poll. --Someone on a panel sponsored by Focus on the Family said that it was a "liberal lie" that some states ban gay marriage. Because we can just marry someone of the opposite sex and be gay and married (check and mate). --Ben Carson said that gay people getting the right to marry was "extra rights" and no one should get "extra rights." --Oliver North actually compared the right’s fight against gay marriage and abortion to abolitionists fighting against slavery. --An atheist group was banned from buying a booth at the convention. --A group called ProEnglish had a booth there. ProEnglish is an anti-immigrant group lead by Bob Vandervoort who previously headed a white nationalist group. --Ann Coulter advocated for "death squads" to hunt down the "people who wrecked America" and then possibly compared the changing demographics of America to being raped. --The Log Cabin Republicans actually boycotted CPAC this year, to which I say, "good for you." And then I say, "Seriously?" --Oh, and Senator Mitch McConnell BROUGHT A GUN to the opening day and waved it around onstage. This is a good time to remember that the enemies of gay marriage are also the enemies of immigration, business regulation, reproductive rights, the environment, and many other issues. So remember to support other fights for justice. In summation: CPAC is a giant conservative party where everyone just says the most conservative things they can say to their conservative friends while wishing America were made up of all straight white Christians with guns in love with unfettered capitalism. That’s all you will ever need to know. Let’s never do this again. BlogTail_TJ (1)