New Music Monday: Eating Out

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eating out
By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly
In today's New Music Monday, we enjoy the neo-grunge of Canadian indie-queer supergroup Eating Out. Man, Canadians and their supergroups! From the eighties philanthropy of Northern Lights to the genre-defining indie of Broken Social Scene, our upstairs neighbors do a great job Frankenstein-ing their bands together into brilliant new creations. The latest, and perhaps queerest, melange to enter the ring is Vancouver-based Eating Out, which channels the Alternative Nation sound with perfect aplomb. Openly queer powerhouse Daniel Pitout of aggro-rock outfit Nü Sensae trades in the drumsticks for the mic, making a charismatic and compelling frontman; he's perfected the early-nineties vocal sensibility combining aggression, boredom, and longing. Members of fellow Canadian acts White Lung and Peace further contribute to the warm, oddly retro sound, resulting in a self-titled debut album evoking the best moments of L7, Belly, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Matheiu Youdan of Beat Route weighs in on Eating Out's eponymous album:

The record brings a noticeable increase to the fidelity, but still captures a low-fi and grungey spontaneity. “Those recordings were from a while ago and I definitely had no money,†Pitout explains. “They’re all recorded live off the floor, which always sounds better.†Yet what Eating Out may lack in the sense of being a formally driven band, they make up in value as Pitout’s personal therapy. “I put a lot of effort in to the songs and music videos of Eating Out, but it’s because I enjoy doing that,†he relates, “but it seems to have done well even though I have never attempted to push Eating Out. All these crazy things keep happening to those bands.â€

Watch the very charming video for "That's My Man," then listen to the absolutely blistering "Burn." Brings you right back to '93, doesn't it? Eating Out - That's My Man from codyfennell on Vimeo. Eating Out - "Burn" from codyfennell on Vimeo.   BlogTail_NickMattos